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- man gets hit by a car, friends ask if he looked both ways before crossing the street.
- kid get his bike stolen. his mom asks if he locked it
- dude gets punched out in a bar. 'gosh what'd you do to piss that guy off?!'
society blames victims all the time, not just in sexual assault cases. why would we think the pattern would change just because the assault is of a sexual nature?

any way, while linc writes authoritatively here, he neglects to mention that there hasn't been a criminal charge called rape in canada since like 1984 or something.

the complicating thing is that children regular do behave sexually and/or mimic grown peoples' sexual behavior. in some cases the assault might be in the ways that a child is privy sexual content or suggestion.

there are many layers to child abuse. one of the less talked about facet is how parents audition their children for potential abusers. think a seedier version of 'toddlers and tiaras'.

while our society sends very mixed messages, to be clear, nothing at all justifies an adult responding sexually to a child. we should be as outraged when we respectably sexualize children as when some creep treats a child as sexually capable.

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nonsense. if some one isn't trying to wife a beautiful woman either she's high maintenance, friend zoning eligible guys or she's high maintenance.

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this song i thnk say selfie takers are in fact airhead narcissists. those are the safest kinds! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdemFfbS5H0

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do you think those old school 'love birds' were a pack of skinny jean wearing emo narcissists? 'dear wife it hurt me when you...pshah!' yuo really think the old headz were having those kinds of convos much? it was go to the bar and drink it off, more times.

while you have some emotionally literate type relationships, i'd venture most stayed together because men and women had pretty separate lives and limited opportunity to bore and annoy each other with emotional minutiae and neediness.

then there was the good old fashion violence. if a woman acted our of sort a man could either smack her up and/or leave her in financial destitution with little prospect of gainful employment. those things kept marriages together - and just barely.

socially we're a bit lost because so much in society has changed and we still want the old institutions to work. in many cases expecting an old skool partnership makes about as evolutionary sense as growing a thick coat of fur to live in the tropics

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i dunno. haven't devoted much thought reading those kinds of motives

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black people relate differently, often more cruelly, to each other than to other races. that's part of why in ontario at least, most 'inter-racial' relationships involve a black person. most people see this as proof of racial harmony. it is sometimes. it is also proof that black folks, of any gender, value others over themselves. sad state of affairs, but ah well. live goes on i guess.

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'feeling needed' is often the first step to being 'used'! careful nephews! and, more broadly, be wary of this post-scandal 'black love' resurgence.

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you know what? let's say it IS pee. the fact that you could screw a woman into not caring if she wet herself should trump any, all be they rational, fears of being peed on. if any thing there are plenty positions that make sure it lands on her. man up for god's sake.

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she's prolly just pissed things ended on his terms and not hers.

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there's no contradiction. for jay-z, money is morality.