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That's how you and several others feels, that's your opinions. I simply unserstand what she is trying to do however everyone has their own way of twisting to sonething malicious or that it's objectifying which seems that people will never change. How are things supposed to change if within the community no one wants to change their mind set? As I feel it's cliche to say, change starts with you...the individual

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They obviously have not read into why the organizer is doing it and jumping to their own conclusions....which is sad. Find out the facts first then make your judgement.

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IW, did you even read the article in the Huffington Post before you went all off on this? She madei it quite clear that african-americans are only 12.6% of the population and she can also understand that it's curiousity minds want to feel it. Even giving examples of touching a snake or a coat out of rabbit fur. Further she arranged this to satisfy people's minds as she uses the example of "not knowing your room mates that you have lived with" for 200 and something years.

This article is the kind of bulls*it infects people with "white people are always out to get us" mentality which needs to change. The organizer clears states it "all walks of life" which means other minorities as well are curious of the texture.

Lincoln, I'm sorry to say that I'm disappointed that you allowed this ignorant post on here

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Firstly, who organized it? Was it the black or white women? If it was white, then by all means get offended. But how can you sit there and say that it's a petting zoo if it was the women standing there who are all black?

What's the real reason for this "side show"?

I think the real reasons behind this should have been investigated before writing an article and going all off on white people who I only saw 3 in the video (btw). The rest were other black women and mixed touching their hair.

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I made sure my vows had something about cheating! Eff that!! I walked down that isle (which I never thought I would, or my family for that matter) and you are going to stick your d*ck in someone else? HELL NO!!!

Back in the day, many men cheated and many wives stayed at home with their kids taking it. Divorce was not an option for many reasons, one being that the men were the bread winners of the house hold. Now, not so much!

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People dictate change Uncle, I don't need to tell you that! If you are stuck in the 1950's way of thinking (not saying you specifically, I mean in general) and refuse to see the changes around you, then you are simply being stubborn. If you want to point everything to "white supremacy", then I can't change the way you see things. No matter what happens in the world, every one has a way of linking it to the negative aspects of races.

I have several darker skinned friends who have not encountered such hardships that you believe happen here in Toronto, then I have several "light" ones who have and sadly blame their colour - but TOTALLY disregard the fact that they were speeding, or that they do not have their license, or whatever the case may be.

Aside from what Lincoln wrote, I will not sit here and say that only black women have placed this pressure on black men. I hear it from my Chinese friends, Indian friends and especially my Italian friends. it's a twisted world we live in and it's sad that everyone thinks it race associated.

I cannot sit here and defend everyone in the world, I can only tell you how I see it and having multiple friends in various groups, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. Men are men no matter where they come from. There are good men in every race and there are "bad" men as well. The unfortunate part is that people meet too many of the "bad" ones and tend to make up their own stereotypes, hence why your east asian friend talk about how great white men are. Sadly, in their community, it's ok for men to beat them. Of course white men are going to look like the greatest thing on the face of this earth...but let's not forget, that there are several white men who feel that they can beat women. So no matter which way you want to look at it....I don't not feel any ways about what race you are, I will however base my own judgement on how you are as a person.

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Not at all Uncle!

I can respect people's opinions even though they may not be of my own. I'm not saying that they are racist or foolish or anything. You have the right to think what you want however things will never change if people do not change as well.

Now, I'm reading what you, J. Crawford and Adonis have been commenting and I'm starting to think as a Canadian I'm way off here. That's also because I do not know what it's like in the US but it's known to be more of an issue there.

Everything isn't all rainbows and unicorns up north as there are some people on both ends of the spectrum (pro-black vs pro-white - even though I'm really not feeling the whole black and white issue as mentioned every race is mixing). I guess being in Toronto, you see it all and reality is whether they are a black male or female with a Filipino or Indian or European or Asian or "white", there will be someone who has something to say but for the most part people mind their own and accept it

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I'm not going all into it like Uncle Gryph just did, however I'm not going to sit here and say that my pool got any smaller due to interracial dating. Even anything, it got bigger! I never looked at it that I'm "stealing" nor did I care if someone tapped into my pool of race. Love is love and if people have an issue with other people 'stealing their own', maybe shouldn't be as closed minded and broaden their horizons to others. One thing I don't get is the same women I hear saying this crap are the same women who have long ass winded lists of things their partners must have. It's unrealistic!

To each their own, I have no problem seeing people mixing, and I'm not just sitting here talking about black and white. There are other races in the world that are getting together with one another.

So will I be around a fire singing "kumbaya" if any one wants to join me

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Some people have the same struggle on the opposite ends of the spectrum. I know many people struggling to lose and some struggling to gain weight.

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Pretty much