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I love Amber + Wiz and I love this post.
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Unsurprisingly I have pretty random vices. Other than cigarettes of course which are my first and best resource in times of stress.

I'm big on chat and text message archives. It soothes and amuses me to go back and read old random gchat conversations when I need a pick me up. I will sometimes spend hours digging through the crates. It's a compulsion.

Other than that, it's all about Pinterest for me these days. Whenever I'm agitated or sucky or horny or even just bored I can find something that hits the spot for me on there. Pinterest is drugs!
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You know what I was thinking the whole time I read this? No wonder Most likes me so much.
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I like it Streetzie.

I would add validate her feelings. Some men have the tendency to be dismissive of things women worry about - as if whether it's okay to wear dark brown boots when she's carrying a black purse is not a problem of epic importance - and brush off her concerns as being trivial.

It's nice when a man is interested in something he thinks is important, but it's even nicer when he's interested in something I think is important, even if the thinks it's insignificant.
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"I don't get with girls who smoke".

I've smoked pretty much my entire adult life and every man I've ever been involved with would never get with a smoker. So either I'm irresistible or that "never" is negotiable.
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I have nothing of value to say about emo rap, but I love this post.

This sh!t right here cracked me the f*ck up:

"He clearly never saw the movie Showgirls because then he would know that strippers got hopes and dreams too. But Kanye has to stop with all this crying at Watch The Throne concerts man. I miss my Uncle Charles too dawg, but I will not be crying on stage."

Classic Dr. J.

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Funnily enough, just yesterday I got in an argument with my mum about wedding vows.

I said that if I were to ever marry I would include the traditional vows to "love, honour, and obey..." and she flipped the f*ck out at the idea that I would vow to obey a man. And why would any woman in this day and age want to obey a man. And why the man wouldn't be vowing to obey me.

And on and on she went until I asked her how not obeying her husband was working out for her.

All of which is to say I'm all the about traditional vows. To me they represent exactly what I should be promising and what should be promised to me so I've never seen a reason to personalize them.
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You know, I've always secretly suspected that you guys make up these questions, but this one has me convinced. Would you guys date a woman with chin hair? Really? Come on now.
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You just snip em off. It's very simple. Not that I have any firsthand experience with hairy nipples :-/
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I don't have a degree and I'm doing nicely. Neither does my dad and he's doing so nicely it's disgusting - you're absolutely right about that trade school business. So I feel you.

All the same though, I'd tell anyone who asked to err on the side of getting one. It's not just about earning potential; higher education can teach you to think critically in a way that life experience doesn't always. And while it's definitely true that you can climb the corporate ladder to the sky without one, every now and then there will still be doors shut to you because you don't have that degree.
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