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hey trunks you should post this one : D

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Now that i think about it.... whats up with the pumpkin carving contest we used to do?

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Whoa... skinny skinny legs you got there kyra : P

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don´t post this : P, palcomix art it is one of the worst art styles I have seen, there are a lot better things to post if you want some good art search nezumi or jay naylor idk.... mayoineko is one I love : D
there is a lot of porn I just know some : D

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naw she most likely has Infrared sensing like some reptiles :B

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and 1 block of diamond.

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if I remember correctly dai was the first to get to 100, ah such wonderfull memories :´ D

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Where are Daifuku, Badonk, Colonel_Obvious, Taiho, TCC, MrRaccoon and Ataeru ?
I miss those guys, halolz isn´t the same without them T-T

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Oh are you asuming that shawn isn´t repairing the forums so to make the halolz site visited more frequently??
nah he wouldn´t................ would he?

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I can´t see the image : P but seriously I know the felling of wanting everyone to know something you really like, I myself am a fan of touhou but even if you like something so much, you need to know what to post and when to post it, I am now into homestuck but that doesn´t mean that I can make every post have something homestuck related, we should all keep a diversity of tastes and post all kind of things so as to make the discussion enjoyable for everyone, we may have a troll or two but in the halolz community we are united for the lols and we want to talk about the submissions making good references to them and try to make witty comments about everything, but that doesn´t mean that we should get stuck with only one theme in our minds because not everyone enjoys the same thing as us, be it touhou, homestuck, ponys, Dr who, the forums, or whatever shall be we need to keep everything funny because WE ARE HALOLZ AND WE HAVE AN AWESOME COMMUNITY xD

and shawn repair the forums so we can have more silly and extremely funny threads and posts xD