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(since the order of lines is in reverse, I'll run with it)
The perp is *probably* still in Inaba!

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Or Touhou Diablo (it's a thing)... Click things until... What happens in Touhou Diablo? I haven't been able to get it to work yet and the Let's Play vids are done by a guy with a really ridiculously infuriating lisp.

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Every PC game? Someone hasn't played Halo: Combat Evolved, the Elder Scrolls series, Octodad, Touhou (any of the 13 + 6 or 7 Side installments + 300+ fan games), Slender, Unreal Tournament (take your pick as to which), Gotchic 1-3, Splinter Cell (1), Fable, and Mario Teaches Typing... *breathes* *passes out*

Yeah, 4 iconic series had their first installments as PC exclusives...
I never understood how console gamers could get so psyched about sloppy seconds... (not actually ribbing on console gamers, but having been the elitist snob PC gamer in an area with console gamers I ended up saying "oh, you bought this new game called Halo on the Xbox huh? Never heard of it, wanna let me come over so we can play Slayer? How about blood gulch?" a lot)

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He keeps throwing the *same* wineglass on the floor.

I don't know what disgusts me more, his willing to waste perfectly good wine/blood or his disregard for physics.

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We're all vegans in my family, and so my mom went all out on making something that looked like turkey, used yuuba to make artificial skin around seitan wrapped around stuffing. The crazy thing is that is looked like turkey, and tasted like turkey (we weren't always vegans).

We had like 7 kinds of cranberry sauces, and homebaked buns, bottle of champagne, garlic mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, pumpkin pie and pecan pie.

It was glorious.

Also; if you're drinking with your dad and he serves you a highball in a low glass, do not make a joke about it being curveball. You'll get whiskey thrown in your eyes.

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Also, the architects would entomb turkeys into disposable stone ovens that would cook them and keep them warm for later consumption.

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This is where I make myself less popular by flaunting my encyclopedic knowledge of plants.

Yams are a tuberous root primarily farmed in china, japan, and most of africa. Yams are not native to north america, and are more commonly imported than grown locally.

When someone in the US says Yam, they generally are referring to sweet potatoes.

I'd like to point out that these two agricultural products are not related in the slightest, yams are part of an entirely different genus than that of potatoes.

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