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I always thought Mewtwo stayed in the cave out of respect (or fear?) of that man's magnificent afro.

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Give me that Rotom turret! What is the standard currency in TF2? Hats? Do they accept badges? What if I made a hat out of the badges?

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Not quite as bad as Error 34

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As per the rules of the internet, it was both tragic and hilarious.

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In the Alpha stage of development the screen said "Friends? Have every hardcore player fight one another until there is one left standing. Only he deserves to be your friend. What are you doing playing video games? Go NTR someone's girlfriend!"

And thus the developers had to start beta because people were too busy being successful in life to test the game.

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Okay, legitimate question for all you, uh, brohous: what exactly is the appeal of Touhou besides the bullet hell genre and frilly bonnets? My impression was the vast majority of the media is made by the fandom but where did that fandom come from?

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They mention earlier that Kirei's specialty is healing so he was preventing Kariya from dying (and enjoying his torment). I thought it was strange that Kariya was barely burned (not even his hair) despite being completely engulfed in flames. Those magi must be made of strong stuff to survive that and the fall. Caster and Ryunosuke had pretty merciful send offs despite all the horrible things they did. They both died happy although Caster seemed to have a twinge of regret.

Saber is once again pants-on-head retarded when it comes to her chivalry. Even though there was literally nothing they could do to stop the monster, which would have killed who knows how many people had it reached the shore, she doesn't want to give up her curse (hell she's even proud of it) until Lancer gives her the okay. It's kind of like how she could have gotten Kiritsugu killed because she felt letting Lancer rescue his master was the honorable thing to do.

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From the people who brought you Kratlolz, Touhoulolz™ a never ending stream of crap precious things that will make people want to gouge their eyes out kick things into overdrive.

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Now, I'm not saying we should tell the counsel to form a committee to come to a consensus about ALIENS but...'s going to be about ALIENS.

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Arietta, flat as a washboard and about as tall. 16
May, well traveled and well endowed. 10

Age, how does it work!?