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It's been 3000 since I last time used IntenseDebate... Feels nostalgic honestly.
The glorious E-Peen days were the real deal for sure...

Now that we are moving on to the new site, I would like to request one and one thing only: do not close down original Halolz.
The memes and post that this site has banked after many years are something to marvel at and to remind ourselves our old days.

Thanks for the nostalgia Shawn. And of course, it's great to see many familiar faces again after all these years. I missed you guys.

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Huh. We lost the domain for some time. How was everybody?

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Pack up your suitcase again boys.
The place is dead again.

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And thus, it begins a new...

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New F-Zero when Nintendo? Please deliver.

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I'll say it again.

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Hello gentlemen. It indeed has been a WHILE.
I'd like to point out that even though our original Halolz TF2 server died long time ago, it lives on as Shawn verified MY TF2 servers with HALOLZ tag.

It may be Multiplied Weapon Stats by Times 10 modded TF2 servers, but it is still the closest place where we all could hang out. Yes. HLDJ works there too.
So please folks. If you want to hang out to any other Halolz folks that are still left in TF2 community, drop by to my Steam group. A lot of old timers such as Newt, chipsnsallsa, Roflcakes Internet, Gummy, and etc hang out there.

I will drop by here to continually check out for possible site update.
Until then, I shall see you on my Steam group page or my TF2 servers.
See you soon.


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I could contact with Shawn. I have him added in Steam long time ago.
He doesn't come online a lot, but he comes on for LoL from time to time.
Even then we hire someone regularer to run Halolz, I'm not sure if said person has the experience of running a site like this.

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*Nopes out to the window*

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Hey look! We are back!