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Privateers are just pirates licensed by the crown. And yes the British and Americans have used privateers and gunboat ‘diplomacy’ to terrorise, enslave and attack other peoples. And the Barbary pirates were also state sponsored privateers, kidnappers and slavers. The were also called Corsairs.

What is really interesting is their influence on the US developing a navy.

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I agree, Iran is not a terrorist country. But you might change your mind about the Barbary pirates when you read this. Note: that was just Britain.

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The International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977, is a United States federal law authorizing the president to do whatever he wants to whomever he wants providing he sees a threat. Read it and weep.

Americans might wonder why no-one trusts them. This legislation is one of the reasons why. It’s just as much a threat to the American people. Its precursor was used against striking US postal workers. It has no legitimacy in any world organisation or under any world law, such as the law of the sea. But if Trump uses it against China, Australia is stufffed.

America’s first war overseas was to fight pirates, not be pirates.

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"With the US decision to impose added tariffs on more than $300 billion of China trade, and the US Treasury declaring China a “currency manipulator”, global financial markets have reacted with sharp selling. The question is whether this is the beginning of a genuine currency war that will trigger a new Financial Tsunami as bad if not worse than that of the Lehman Crisis in 2008.”

Mmmm... Mr Engdahl. How does that fit with the headline to your article?


Seems you already have your mind made up that it is all China’s fault in spite of your own evidence.

Two points may be worth further consideration. The first is that the demonstrations in Hong Kong may be deliberately designed to destroy it as an open door for investment between China and the West. Certainly The original stated purpose of the demonstrators has proved a furphy. They have been caught out in contact with the US embassy and I’m sure that time will prove that they were trained, paid and instructed by Washington and possibly London.

The second point is, “Why do you assume that China will be foolish enough to act as America would; knowing that America has failed at it so many times before?"

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Thank you Washington for pointing out that quibbling over old figures from 75 years ago is irrelevant considering the horrendous death toll of US hegemony today.

I suspect if you include deaths caused by its sanctions on medicine, chlorine for water purification and food, AIDS deaths caused by US religious NGOs, deaths by US appointed dictators such as Suharto, by the terrorists the US supports and the famines and depressions its economic policies cause, by its environmental destruction, the death toll would be orders of magnitude higher.

And I nearly forgot the unnecessary deaths it causes its own people with its health system, its militarism, gun culture and violence and its drug culture both legal and illegal, its poverty and low wages and even its food. And I just found out from a visiting American friend that they don’t have switches on their power sockets. What a country.

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Yes, Ladakh and Jammu states in Kashmir are perfect places for US bases and arming and training terrorists, to interfere with the Belt and road initiative and trade between Pakistan and China, and to stir up trouble in China itself.

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I wish we could comment on the previous article by PCR. His poor me, white male supremacy sob story is exactly the kind of thinking that feeds into the Texas shooter’s mindset.

I don’t know why Tom published it.

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I frequently read comments from gun owners saying they need their guns to protect themselves from their government. That's why they bury caches of arms in their back yards. And yet, even when it’s their government and corporations they are angry at, they never attack them. They attack the victims of their government as Crusius did, or lowly paid front office workers.

I can’t think of another people so afraid of their own government and corporations that they have to take their frustration out on others.

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Although 21 year old Patrick Wood Crusius wrote a manifesto, I was surprised he used that the word, and although he laid the blame on government and corporations, ultimately he punished the victims of that government and corporations. He could not see what America had done outside its borders to cause such migration. He could not see beyond his own racist, white supremacist beliefs. His was not a socialist or left manifesto as some politicians and media pundits would have us believe. Rather it was straight out of the 1920’s nazi handbook of complaints. The parallels are striking, with poor Hispanic looking families taking the punishment instead of Jews.

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And regime change, drugs, prostitution, crime, gambling and any other of the 7 deadly sins you would like to pick - even gluttony/obesity caused by American junk food and turkey tails.