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Fight to protect the 2nd Amendment.

Die rather than demand Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution be enforced. or rather send their children to die for them in America’s unconstitutional wars.

Claus 11, "The Congress shall have Power... To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water..."

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In the last US election, I was amazed at the amount of online influencing designed to stop Americans voting.

There is always a segment of the population that won’t vote “...because both parties are as bad as each other. Nothing will change, politicians are all corrupt. It’s not worth voting for third party candidates, and the new one - Let’s send them a message by not voting.”

The completely illogical “Let’s send them a message by not voting” meme helped Trump and the far right of US politics enormously.

The sheer quantity and continuity of this kind of naysaying about voting on social media definitely made me suspect it was deliberate, planned and paid for.

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Wow! Thank you Jimmie. It’s rare to read information that shows what really happened during the reunification that is not outright propaganda.

I was particularly shocked to learn of the treatment of East German academics and workers. The robbing of its industries and economic wealth was appalling. That should make anybody who thinks it is greener on the other side of the fence, literal or metaphorical, think twice about what may happen. Hong Kong protestors who want America and the UK to take over, for instance. But I bet they won’t.

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Of course the IDF won’t stand down. Gaza is too important as a test tube for new weapons, drugs, medical procedures etc. as well as to keep the Israeli citizenship appropriately scared of Palestinians.

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I agree with everything you said Tamarque. However every young life, boy or girl is important... and important to the resistance.

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Bulls Eye. I wonder why the GCHQ would make itself such an obvious target. I suspect there is far more beneath the ground than above but still it’s begging to be targeted.

Great news about Arbuthnot. She definitely is part of what left wingers called “the establishment” in the 60s. And shows that nothing has changed. Will her replacement be any different?

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The sheer hypocrisy of Washington building a wall to keep out refugees from its own actions - separating from their parents and incarcerating 70,000 children, and jailing and deporting legitimate refugees and even US citizens whose descent was from that triad of countries.

When is America going to elect rulers that are intelligent and ethical?

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Being Jewish is not about religion. It’s about descent through your mother.

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Honour is a weird thing. In America they honour soldiers who volunteer to go kill men women and Children in far away places that were no threat to America. They thank them for their service when they see them in the streets, build memorials to them and glorify them in movies. Meanwhile, many go quietly crazy with PTSD and guilt.

Wouldn’t it be better if Palestinians saved their children to learn to work for, strategise and fight for true freedom and the return of their land. Instead now, every stone thrown gives the IDF another excuse to bomb Palestinians who didn’t want to die, to arrest more children and throw them into jail and to prevent more pregnant women from getting to hospital at checkpoints.

Some Palestinians are. And I hope they take every lesson from Mao, Ho and Fidel they can about true honour and how it gains the love of the people and respect from the rest of the world.

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I understand that the terrible life Palestinians in Israel have to live leads many to suicide. The problem with that is that heroic suicide gains nothing. In fact it aids the occupier’s propaganda against you.

The great revolutionary leaders Mao, Ho Chi Minh and Castro would never have wasted time on such sacrifices. It’s difficult because so much of the Palestinian population is held to ransom in ghettos.

At the moment, Israel is engaged in a programmes of chopping the heads off any potential Maos. But if one does arise. Just keeping the world aware that Palestinians exist and Israel is a cruel occupier with tiny demonstrations and individual suicidal attacks will NOT be the strategy.