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how many greats do I put in front of a grandfather that lived 2000 years ago before the diaspora?

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And the current Australian government would like to follow suit. - including removing most of the fiction books from my public library.

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I didn't see it as a whitewash. In fact, I suspect if Koenig had compared China's social credit to the American 'free and democratic' system of social terror, execution in the street, and corruption, I suspect he would have been even less negative.

America carries a big stick both within and outside its borders. They are so dumb they haven't yet realised they can get more with honey. Seems China has.

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Perhaps the simplest way to explain the irrelevance of Israeli claims to Palestine is this short animation'

This Land is Mine.

The creator, Nina Paley explains the historical peoples who thought Palestine was theirs that she included in her video.

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Thank you Shlomo, and I agree with you about Israel, not least because it's position at the narrow juncture between 2 continents made it a place where different peoples crossed continuously from one side to the other for over a hundred thousand years.

On the other hand indigenous peoples in the isolated continents of the Americas and Australia were isolated and developed their own cultures and land tenure systems, in the case of Australia for over 60,000 years of continuous occupation. And at least 16,000 years in the Americas.

I strongly believe that they do have a case for land rights.

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As usual Finian cuts through the blather to the meat of the matter.

Added to Washington's other attempts to break up the European Union, destroy the Euro, support the rise of fascism in Eastern Europe, and use NATO as its hegemonic tool in multiple wars on several continents; I can understand why European nations are looking for an out.

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Perhaps Washington thought it would be like the Phillipines-American war 1899-1902 where between 4 to 6000 US troops died for a death toll of an estimated 1.4 million Philippine men, women and children who were massacred, tortured and left to die in some of the most evil detention camps ever. And they loved being photographed doing it. For instance,

The "treatment" consisted of spread-eagling a prisoner on his back, forcing his mouth open with a bamboo stick and pouring gallons of water down his throat. Helpless, the prisoner was pumped with water until his stomach was near the bursting point. Then he was questioned. If he refused to answer, an American soldier stood or kneeled on his belly, forcing the water out. One report by a U.S. soldier told how "a good heavy man" jumped on a prisoner’s belly "sending a gush of water from his mouth into the air as high as six feet."

This cure was repeated until the prisoner talked or died. Roughly half the Filipinos given the cure did not survive. How many Filipinos were killed by torture is not known, but the extent of the practice is documented by a letter sent home by a soldier who bragged of inflicting the water cure on 160 Filipinos, 134 of whom died. A Harvard-educated officer, 1st Lt. Grover Flint, testified before the US Senate on the routine torture of Filipino combatants and civilians. He described the “water cure” as standard US Army torture.

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It’s a pity that we can’t agree about Syria. Perhaps we can agree that without Assad and the SAA, Syria would be in the same situation as Iraq and Afghanistan, A Druze friend certainly thinks so.

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Thank you Aduradam. The truth of your linked article is backed up by the many commenters who described their personal experiences. Sadly MK Ultra wasn’t confined to America. The CIA conducted torture and mind control experiments in many countries - some allies like Canada but also many where they had installed dictators.

Officially MK-Ultra began when John Foster Dulles convinced Washington that the communists must be using mind control,torture and drugs when captured American troops in Korea voluntarily admitted to war crimes such as dropping plague, said they were well treated in North Korean prisoner of war camps, and “shock horror" that they wanted to stay there. The reality was that the US had been experimenting with modern mind control and torture techniques as far back as the Phillipines war in 1901. During the Korean war their camps on the island of Koje were notorious for experimentation on prisoners using former Nazi scientists. Operations Paperclip, Bluebird, Chatter and Artichoke were precursors to MK-Ultra after WW2.

At times it was like a boys club for crazy psychopaths.

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The reason Trump and all American presidents are effectively anti birth control is because they are in the business of farming cannon fodder. They fertilise it with the bare minimum of intellectual fertiliser, religiously destroy any buggy ideas that might infect their crop, and harvest it mercilessly.