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I got a real question. Who is the awesome, ass-kicking economy benefiting because it seems not to be benefiting anyone i know, anywhere for any reason.

Are we saying the economy is good because more people are employed in the service industry and the stock market is up or something I don't get it.

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silence and "not being insulting" are two different things.

i guess MLK should have yelled about crackers and honkeys and told all the white people that they were stupid. i bet that would have worked.

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Women are scary to talk to because they might say no and I don't think I could handle that kind of rejection.

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I gotta be real, I am getting really sick of Dawkinstards being condescending about faith. I'm an absolute athiest, there is never going to be a day where I'm going to say "You know what, the Invisible Omnipotent Skyman exists & cares about me!" but I also do not insult people who believe, and I'm sick of people doing so. The important questions are 1) Are you a hypocrite, 2) are you a hateful dick that tries to restrict people's freedom in the name of freedom, 3) do you even know what your supposed savior stood for 4) are you using your faith as a shortcut to actually thinking, etc.

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As a millennial my dream was not to work harder because my dad managed to provide for his family doing 40 hours a week, rather than 60+

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you put morrissey in with creed, man

that's just not cool man

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And Nick Cave should be on death row.

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We are now officially and literally making up reasons to incarcerate black men.

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How do they regulate the internet without a government?

edit: i guess it'd because AT&T would call all the shots at that point and they do with their cabal i mean cable what they wish

SIGH why are some people so eager to get reamed by corps?

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It makes me so sad that people just have no intellectual rigor or ideological consistency ( i hate using this phrase but it does indeed go both ways), think the first idea they think of is their iron clad opinion that is unbeatable since everyone has one.

Libertarians are supposed to favor net neutrality, since government regulation would be the opposite. It takes stupid people to buy into this guy and that's why he frustramuses me so much. He's got points sometimes but then he draws the wrong conclusions, create shadowy cartels instead of realizing that our systems are what control us (see: the Wire).

He's born and raised Austin Texas USA back when we were actually weird and not weird (tm).