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Belgian NGO 11.11.11 on the mapping report: "the postponing the release in itself is not that important, but the reason for which it is postponed is: political pressure. It is unacceptable that even one letter is changed in that repor because of political pressure. This report can be an important tool in the fight against impunity in the region. Now the goal should be to find the right way to give juridical follow-up on this report "

"Het kan niet de bedoeling zijn dat er ook maar één letter veranderd wordt omwille van politieke druk", zegt algemeen secretaris Bogdan Vanden Berghe. "Dit document kan een belangrijk middel zijn in de strijd tegen straffeloosheid in de regio. De uitdaging is nu om zo snel mogelijk de juiste manier te vinden om juridisch gevolgen te geven aan dit rapport."

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source du nil has this interesting info and the letter by Rwanda to the UN that led to the leak:

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You make a lot of assumptions. You don't know if I was in Rwanda in 1994. What in the above piece is incorrect, that's what you should write about!

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@MaximeVerhagen desinformeert tweede kamer

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You make statements, but you don't back them up. I can imagine that it doesn't look good to have all these articles on the internet which document RPF crimes before, during and after the genocide. Inside Rwanda you can close down independent press and block websites, jail and kill journalists, outside Rwanda you have to use arguments to back up your claims. That's how it works in Europe and the US. The fact that you are living in Africa does not change that, as far as I am concerned.

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Paul Kagame's Ceaucescu-like police state and election to me is not really comparable to Nkurunziza's chaotic election process. I at least hope Nkurunziza will watch the coverage in the west and notice that Paul Kagame's magic is starting to lose it's strength.

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Wolfgang Kunath , a german journalist who writes about Rwanda without all the sentimental parafenalia , good work

and an article by Henri Makory "silencing the church"

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Let me just leave these comments here. Wish these RPF people would sound more convincing though.

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Thanks for your comments @mugisha and your forwarding @ann_Garrison, I admit that it I like writing the blog, it's one big trip, constant hallucination.

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30-7 the Rwandan NEC made the following statement:

"Rwanda's upcoming presidential poll will be free, fair and more competitive than 2003 when incumbent Paul Kagame won over 90 percent of the vote, its electoral commission said on Friday.

Donors say the introduction of a revised electoral code should ensure a peaceful and technically sound ballot,"