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Thanks for the plug. I'm a supporter of Israel, but I'm not too sure this strategy is a good one... or a respectable one.

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The elections done in 2005 were fair. Fatah (Yassar Arafat's people) was incredibly disorganized after Arafat's death and the elections happened in the middle of a power struggle in the party. In the end, Fatah had as many as 8 candidates running for the same office versus one from Hamas. Hamas didn't start killing people for supporting Fatah until a few months after the elections.

With elections coming up again this year, Israel is trying to send the message to the Palestinian people that Hamas can't keep them safe. That may or may not backfire on them... but before the last elections, they harassed the hell out of Fatah and they ended up losing power. Not being a Palestinian, I can't predict how accurate Israel's stance in this matter is.

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Chris, this isn't a popularity contest, otherwise I would tend to agree with you. Most RNC members aren't stupid enough to let this affect their decision.

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I agree completely, Larry. We have some great new leadership in Illinois and some great candidates in the wings (finally). Let's keep our fingers crossed that they can take advantage of the chaos. Already, there are black supporters of Burris saying that stopping the appointment of Burris would be equal to racism on the part of Senate Democrats. This is seriously the perfect storm in Illinois since Jessie Jackson, Jr. has already been tainted for this appointment and there are so few qualified politicians interested in the seat.

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You know, the CD wasn't even that bad of judgment. Yeah, he might have been able to figure out that it would cause a huge ruckus, but the fact of the matter is that it shouldn't have and Republicans should have united strongly behind him for it. This is NOT the same party I joined 10 years ago.

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Larry, the features of Intense Debate are still really new for me. There've been a couple of comments after yours now, you'll have to tell me.

OneMom, this was supposed to be something that drove more people to the site and encourage discussion within the comments... I wasn't exactly expecting a complete overhaul of my entire comments system. This is still an experiment, but since I'm an administrator, my experience is going to be a lot different than yours. Please let me know if you like it.

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The week of chaos was worth it, wouldn't you agree? I have some catching up to do with the news though.