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here's some of the missing info

from Deviant Art users:

rodolforever (Gambit)
hobo95 (Spiderman 4, Prince of Persia)
JRSly (Scott Pilgrim)

Battle Angel (IDrawGirls)
Ghostbusters 3 (IMDB)

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I'm surprised that the Woody Allen movie "Take the Money and Run" didn't make the cut...great list though...the original Pelham could never be outdone.. it was an interesting effort from Scott but the remake was too predicable

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I'm expecting a really bad movie with all the money put into post production....since the Transformers 2 script must have been worse than the original suffered from the strike...they rushed this movie and from what my impression is...people who have seen it aren't blown away...G.I. Joe I expect could be better than Van Helsing but not as good as Mummy...if that's the case it's a win for Sommers after all this bad press...

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I was never impressed with the first Transformers...the most overrated summer blockbuster, since it was just as laughable as Indy 4..I mean Joe couldn't be as bad as robots peeing or playing peek-a-boo...although those awful suits are making it look very ridiculous...I understood this would be a CGI fest with Sommers directing but the effects still look like they were done 10 years ago...I really hope they put the extra time and money into the post production to at least make it look good...

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I've always trusted LR when it comes to casting...I'm with you on this one.. I don't doubt he could be featured in it but not as Conan....

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I've been a fan of Haden Church since Wings...he was great in Spider-Man 3 too bad he wasn't the only villain in that film...I'm curious to see what role he might play....I assume he'll be playing a giant Martian if he's talking Spring of next year...if they're filming the live-action scenes starting in November

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there was also talk of an Aeon Flux segment in the new Heavy Metal from the original creator...the whole project sounds exciting hopefully they start on it before the year is out...

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Diary of the Dead was the worst Romero movie....bad acting, weak story, dull and felt even low budget for Romero..could have been made for like 20,000$

I loved [Rec], maybe it was because I saw it before that awful American remake Quarantine...Europeans seem to be the only ones capable of making decent and new horror films...not relying on horrible CGI effects and Asian horror films...[Rec] has just as much reason and purpose as 28 Days Later or any other infected/zombie films...it was a fresh take considering it was made before Cloverfield and came out a month after Romeo's crap fest...plus they did the handheld camera perspective a lot better than either of the other films...

this new one looks great and having a mix of actual shoots and having the SWAT team have cameras on them could be amazing...very much an Aliens look/feel it's cool to see some real fire power...I'm hoping that the SWAT is just an opening scene and we see this spread out into the streets...

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it does sound interesting I just hope the stories and animation quality is better than the recent direct to DVD animated projects Marvel has been making...like the Hulk Vs. movies

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well those were made by Fox and not Marvel Studios...I'm sure if they ever had the chance to reboot the Marvel films Fox and other studios have made...they could do the characters justice...I mean who hires Nic Cage to play a superhero?...it sounded even more terrible than Tim Burton's original concept for Superman having Cage play Kent/Superman...

If they ever got a hold of the X-Men rights again they would enough "cool" characters to work with for decades...plus it doesn't stop them from developing new characters or making original films...since they have that massive writer's program now, anything is possible