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Was this just a list of villains? What movies didn't even make the list? Bloated.

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But he did say "even though they didn't start falling at the same time," which brings up shades of doubt due to the "two objects in a vacuum" discussion. I was merely clarifying that just because they didn't start falling at the same time, it's completely possible.

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I agree with basically all of them. My only gripe would be the parachute one - it's actually possible. Travis Pastrama, for one, has jumped out of an airplane, sans chute, and caught up to a buddy and strapped himself in. The laws of physics in regards to bodies falling in a vacuum (gravity behaves independent of weight, they fall at the same time) is only 100% true in a vacuum, which the atmosphere is not. Due to this, (nerd time) we factor in drag, air resistance, and air flow.

A falling parachute has high drag and will fall slower than something with low drag. A person in the splayed position increases their drag to a high degree, causing them to fall slowly. Thus, when a person moves into a streamlined, aerodynamic shape, they're able to accelerate at a greater rate due to decrease air resistance and improved air flow. This allows people to catch up to people and objects with high drag. In the case of Star Trek, you can see Sulu has splayed, increasing his drag, while Kirk has streamlined himself into a diving position.

Very hard to catch up to something falling and very easy to miss? Yes. Impossible? Not at all.

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You're reaching so far you're never going to be able to grab onto anything. Of course Bruce Willis will be front and center on any poster - he's Bruce Willis. One of the most recognizable faces in movies. Banderas isn't stuck in the background either, he's a giant head taking up a ton of poster space. Also there is minority Salma Hayek, looking hot as hell and huge on the poster. Plus, you definitely throw Johnny Depp on the cover - what nerd didn't doodoo their pants when they found out Depp was in that movie? The person who sells the movie (the bigger star, or the more popular actor) gets prominent placement.

In 95% of these examples, the character on the poster wearing sunglasses prominently wears sunglasses in the movie. If you want to take a badass image of someone from the movie, of course you take them wearing sunglasses. The Matrix, Bad Boys, and The Kingdom all have main characters (of all races) wearing sunglasses all the time. I mean, after seeing The Matrix who didn't go out and buy some awesome sunglasses? I blew like $180 on a pair and I was still in High School. And in the Matrix flicks Morepheus barely handles guns in them. For the most part, his memorable scenes are jumping out of the skyscraper and then fighting an agent hand-to-hand on a truck, he's badass, but not a gunfighter.

Though I will say, sunglasses in Westerns (a la Wild Wild West up there and also in Wyatt Earp, just look bad across the board)

Cool collection of posters and an interesting article, but I feel that you're reaching for something that doesn't exist. Sunglasses are cool. Parents and the MPAA don't like anyone, especially good guys, pointing guns directly at the viewer anymore.

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That's even worse than a gun. In fact, I don't mind Ninjas using guns because ninjas are underhanded bastards that want every advantage. Plus, Snake-Eyes, a ninja, has used pistols, assault rifles, his famous uzis, and mounted machine guns. I'd rather everyone have agun than a "nano-bot injector."

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Indiana Jones is now like Star Wars to me. This last movie fucked it up so bad for me I don't care what they do, it'll be hard to bring me back in full swing.

But, the world owes KotCS a huge deal of gratitude because it made me so mad that I came up with "10 Things I Hated, 5 I Didn't" on the spot.

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Looks powerful and all that, but in terms of it being a suspense, a mystery, or a secret - I'm pretty sure its obvious that the deal is they're killing dolphins. A real twist would be if they were dressing them up in clothes and the dolphins lived among us.

For the record, I like sharks more than dolphins. Dolphins are assholes (see Penn & Teller's Bullshit). But I don't support the wanton killing of dolphins. Even I'm not that heartless. Or cold. Or Dr. Evil.

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Fox, Warner, Disney, and Universal are probably too big to be bought. Their parent companies are among the richest in the world. I'd be surprised if Paramount gets consolidated into someone. Transformers will make them a shit ton of money, but GI Joe will send it right back out the door.

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I would just like to point out my title suggestion was the more succinct "A Couple of Dicks Appear Online."

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You know what bothered me? At the end of the episode 2 weeks ago (when they went to the boat dock) right at the end JD tells Abby "It's all about you" and then they cut to her looking up at Henry covered in blood. Then next week its just like things start up normally. That would have been a great spot to be like "Henry is the killer look at him!!! He loves you and that's why he's killing everyone!" But they didn't. Though I do think they might make him the killer in the end - he hasn't really been threatened with death that much.

But yeah, the fisherman (Jimmy) is a very likely candidate.