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Lying by omission, this is true.

I think I really became aware of the bias in BBC reporting at the time of the Central Line tube derailment in 2003. Eye-witnesses reported fire and smoke, the BBC reporter was interviewing a senior Fire Brigade office who had recently been in the tunnel. He was saying that there was no and had been no fire. Her broken record reply was ...we have spoken with eye-witnesses who saw smoke and flames... and no amount of truth from the fire chief was going to change that - I guess it didn't make a dramatic enough story.


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Apocryphal story I am sure, but excellent all the same! The best thing is, they probably couldn't do anything about it, they misinterpreted the meaning of "shot".


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Too busy with their diversity and equality quotas to get out and fight crime and of course the victim of this crime is not one of the 'chosen ones', so I am afraid of lower priority.

The outcome is likely to be, as events such as this become more commonplace and the decline in law and order generally increases so vigilantism will increase. And the blame for that lies with the politicians and the police. Is this attitude driven by the ACPO level, or is it endemic throughout all levels, surely the rank and file officers could stand up and be counted, if they felt the police force was being politically misused?


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I have been off line for a while and just picked up on this. A disturbing development but I shall continue reading this site. One of the things that I like (on here and the other nationalist sites) is the commenting, the debate that is engendered. I accidently chanced upon of the red sites once, there was an expected diatribe about something and one comment that appeared to be in some form of pidgin English floowed by half a dozen or so that were limited to 'LOL' or some such. The comments on this site's articles add to the content, providing differing perspectives and in themsleves form a useful sorce of information. I have picked up news links that I would probably have missed.

Hopefully this will turn out to be a storm in the proverbial tea cup, keep the site up - I am sure there are more who will continue to visit than shy away from it.


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A good article Tim. When I saw this in the papers I wondered why it should appear to such a surprise, surely this was obvious given the rot in the NHS over the decades.

A wee tale that is related.....(sort of)

When I was at university I met a young med student and we became firm friends. After we graduated we went our seperate ways but kept in touch. Life goes on and you keep in touch less, we hadn't communicated for a while. I tried to get in contact without success. Then, a few years ago I found something out and it shocked me to the core.

By chance, I came across a mutual friend who had kept in touch with her better than I. She had been working in an A&E and had been working a 20 hour shift without a real break. They needed some gas bottles for some reason and she had requested nitrous oxide which apparently comes in blue painted cylinders. However, language or dialect problems had caused confusion and a nitrogen bottle was bought in (by a porter not of this country), nitrogen apparently comes in black cylinders. She was tired and stressed and snapped about wanting a blue one, not a black one. She was reported for making a R remark (probably by a CP plant) and suspended. Outcome, sacked for gross misconduct. Cut off from a job she gave all for and loved, ended up destitute and eventually took her own life.

When I found that out, I felt as though something else had died, not just a long lost friend.


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The NHS has been in decline for years. The removal of ward matrons and replacement with non medical bean counting managers means that there is often no authoritative person to see, the doctors and nurses often have English as a second or worse language.

The local hospital to us has just had a hugely expensive rebuild with the clossure of smaller regional hospitals and consolidating in one super hospital. The problem is, there are now fewer beds in the wider metropolitan area that is serves. Oh yes, it is all very shiny with fancy glass and chrome architecture, an atrium that is a total waste of space for a hospital and was just some young trendy architects wet dream.

I may be doing it a dis-service, there may be some staff there who do care and work hard, but there are more who don't. There are targets for ensuring that the entrance area bins are eptied and yet the patient assessment areas are understaffed, gruby and generally short of medical supplies (it would appear).

Quote: "For them, nursing is just a job for money with not much more emotional content or satisfactions than working in a factory or office and if they can shirk it, many of them will." - given that most of the staff are from cultures where human life is cheap how do we expect the NHS to have a culture where care of patients is tantamount?


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The CoE has continued on this thread of banning clergy from joining the British National Party but the Methodist church has already been running a witchhunt against ordinary church members being members of the British National Party following the 2009 conference - just stick to your job and leave politics to others. This was triggered off by a Rev Sylvester Deigh spouting expected comments such as "...the racist policies of BNP and other such parties are a denial of the Gospel".

It was bound to happen, once the church started there was always going to be further development of the CoF bigots telling people not to vote for the BNP, early article linked here:

My Christianity is personal to me, I don't need to justify it nor do I need to thrust it onto other people. I pray where and when I want to. I no longer feel a need to donate money, any spare cash now goes to more deserving causes - the state church has driven me away and many of my like minded friends as well. I agree with Celtic Morning - support Christian values but leave the religion part out of party polotics.


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Good point Lickyalips, however I doubt he would retract it, why should he? As you say he is just rearranging the deck chairs, the ship is still going under. We need more than just words. We need action more than ever now. If he does nothing about foreign criminals, open borders and ineffective controls, NHS tourism etc then the inevitable will happen. The iceberg has been hit and she's taking on water. AS Scotty would have said to Kirk: She canna take any more Capt'n!
But, he has said his peice, as time goes by, this will be watered down and forgotten, the MSM will be instructed not to cover it in any depth but the sheeple will have been calmed and lulled back to sleep.

Slightly OT I know but related, I seem to recall reading somewhere that Cameron goes to church (not
often) but he 'does God' or some other such disrespectful tosh, I wonder if the church he (occasionally) goes to will now seek to castigate him in the same that that the CoE did with clergy having support for the BNP and the Methodist Chruch under Rev Sylvester Deigh who went even further and cut ordinary members from the church if they held allegiance to the BNP?


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Hmmm, shame but as others have said, I am sure it would have been insured. Churchill (1942): "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

However, we could be heading to uncharted waters, this year is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 something which will no doubt not have gone unnoticed.

Now, possibly he is worried by what the British National Party have been saying of late and has decided to stick his oar in, on the Daily Mail news site is this little gem:
The mans hypocrisy is beyond belief: "In a barely-concealed attack on the opposition, he will say: ‘It’s time to turn the page on the failed policies of the past.’" I wonder if the British National Party will get a mention for having raised this many time and a long while ago. Actually he is somewhat behind the the curve on this, even Herr Phillips in 2005 had this to say:
and Frau Merkel in Oct 2010:

I think we have plenty of opportunities for the government to 'bury bad news' over the coming year, like Clegg saying that no-one will notice being hiked into a higher rate tax for example.


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Nice rant!

I concur, your description of the local health care mirrors ours too, so either we live in the same area or this is not unique, somehow I think there are many parts of the country that will have the same sorry tale to tell.

From the article: "In years gone by, there were no signs telling people to 'wash their hands', there was no noise, chitter chatter on the wards, and there were very few people who came home, or died at hospital, with diseases that come from immigrant employees or patients." No doubt exacerbated by the removal of the old ward matron. Trouble is, I guess a matron costs money and detracts from the managers bonuses. Me, cynical, never!

My wife was unfortunate to have to spend some time in the local hospital (that caters for a metropolitan area far larger than it's capability to deliver health care). They have a route as I found out that goes A&E to an Assessment Unit to a ward. The assessment unit was appalling, there are patients in there who by the hosptials definition are not 'completely diagnosed', there are no visiting hours as such (open 24 hrs for all and sundry to wander in to visit), the place was filthy. There was blood and urine on the floor, the staff had no bedside skills and were rude and abrupt (ok, they were over worked - then the hospital should do something about that).

I wrote a nice letter of complaint, suggested a few things that could be done to improve the lot of the patients....and all of a sudden....nothing happened. They didn't even have the social skills to honour me with an acknowledgement let alone any kind of response.

Can't agree more about education, it is a vital enabling capability, Great Britain through the British Empire bought engineering, science, trade, commerce to countries that were still using dug out canoes when he had steam ships sailing the world - would any of that happened if Newton, Brunel et al were uneducated? Our local secondary school is not what you would class as, er, a hotbed of academic excellence....and I doubt it is the only one.

Off Topic: I was speaking to someone locally the other day lamenting that he is now going to fall into the higher rate tax bracket following Osbournes' latest proclamation. Half jokingly I asked him who he voted for in the last GE - you've guessed it - conservative. I thought, "Hoisted by your own petard"! And still the LiLaC sheep vote in their droves fro more of the same.

Anyway people, we are all in together.