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Hong Kong: Court of Final Appeal Rules in Favor of Transgender Rights

On 6 February 2023, Hong Kong's highest court ruled that the policy of barring transgender people from changing their gender shown on ID cards, unless they were to undergo full sex reassignment surgery, violates their rights and is unconstitutional.

The Court of Final Appeal unanimously sided with appeals launched by transgender activist Henry Edward Tse and a second appellant identified only as “Q,” and quashed the Commissioner of Registration’s decision to refuse their applications to change their gender marker on their Hong Kong Identity Cards.

“The policy’s consequence is to place persons like the appellants in the dilemma of having to choose whether to suffer regular violations of their privacy rights or to undergo highly invasive and medically unnecessary surgery, infringing their right to bodily integrity,” the judges wrote in their judgment. “Clearly, this does not reflect a reasonable balance. The policy imposes an unacceptably harsh burden on the individuals concerned.”

Both Tse and "Q" underwent lengthy medical and surgical treatments, including hormonal treatment and removal of breasts, but the registrar still attempted to require them to conduct a full sex reassignment surgery, which the pair argued was unnecessary, unwanted, and highly invasive.

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Cyprus: In Presidential Run-off, Both Candidates Favor Marriage Equality

Per LGBT Marriage News:

In Cyprus, both candidates advancing to the presidential run-off on 12 February 2023 support marriage equality, but only Andreas Mavroyiannis, a veteran career diplomat and in second place with 29% of the vote, to Nikos Christodoulides, an ex-foreign minister and frontrunner with 32%, supports the right of LGBT couples to adopt, to utilize IVF, and for automatic parenthood recognition.

Remembering that Cyprus is already a well-established "magnet" country for hetero couples seeking civil marriage, particularly for inter-faith or non-religious couples from an assortment of near-by Middle Eastern countries that only allow religious marriage, Cyprus may well jump ahead of both Italy and Greece as the next European Union member to allow marriage equality. Currently, Cyprus allows civil unions for same-sex couples.

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Suriname: Constitutional Court Rules Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Is Constitutional

Per LGBT Marriage News:

In Suriname, the Constitutional Court has ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional, despite the obligations of Suriname to implement the ruling of the CIDH (IACHR) as per OC-17/24. However, the Court also says that marriage laws in Suriname are outdated and that they must be addressed by the legislators after social discussion.

Constitutioneel Hof Stelt CBB in Gelijk voor Niet Accepteren Huwelijk tussen 2 Mannen

Datelined 1 februari 2023:

Artikel 80 van het Burgerlijk Wetboek bepaalt dat een huwelijk slechts mogelijk is tussen een man en een vrouw. Het Hof stelde het Centraal Bureau voor Burgerzaken (CBB) dan ook in het gelijk om een gesloten huwelijk tussen twee Surinaamse mannen niet te erkennen en te legaliseren en het huwelijk, dat in het buitenland (Argentinië) heeft plaatsgevonden niet bij te schrijven in zijn openbare registers.

S.S. en F.E., die al langer dan 34 jaar een duurzame relatie hebben opgebouwd, besloten, omdat in Suriname een huwelijk tussen personen van hetzelfde geslacht niet mogelijk is, in Argentinië te trouwen op 4 juli 2018. Na terugkeer in Suriname, wilden zij gebruikmaken van een wettelijke bepaling dat een in het buitenland voltrokken huwelijk van Surinamers kan worden bijgeschreven in de registers van het CBB.

Het Constitutioneel Hof is wel van mening dat het artikel in het Burgerlijk Wetboek een zeer verouderde is, niet is meegegaan met de hedendaagse ontwikkelingen, en dringend moet worden aangepast. Echter, het vindt dat er geen sprake is van discriminatie in de wet, en de wetgever bij het slaan van die wet niet de intentie zou hebben gehad discriminatoir te zijn tegen LGBTQI-rechten. Het Hof vindt ook dat er een brede maatschappelijke discussie zou moeten worden gevoerd omtrent LGBTQI-rechten.

Constitutional Court Rules in Favor of CBB for Not Accepting Marriage between Two Men

Datelined 1 February 2023:

Article 80 of the Civil Code stipulates that marriage is only possible between a man and a woman. The Court therefore ruled in favor of the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs (CBB) not to recognize and legalize a contracted marriage between two Surinamer men and not to include the marriage that took place abroad (Argentina) in its public registers.

S.S. and F.E., who have built a lasting relationship for more than 34 years, decided, because same-sex marriage is not possible in Suriname, to marry in Argentina on 4 July 2018. After returning to Suriname, they wanted to obtain a legal stipulation that a marriage of Surinamers performed abroad can be entered into the registers of the CBB.

The Constitutional Court is of the opinion that the article in the Civil Code is very outdated, has not kept up with contemporary developments, and urgently must be changed/needs to be amended. However, it finds that there is no discrimination in the law, and that when it passed that law, the legislature had no intention of being discriminatory against LGBTQI rights. The Court also finds that a broad social discussion about LGBTQI rights should be conducted.

In Suriname, Nederlandse taal is often referred to as Surinaamse taal.

Unlike many countries, but like Belgium, Argentina will legally marry same-sex couples from anywhere in the world. However, the governments of Paraguay, Perú, and Venezuela have all refused to recognize such Argentinian marriages within their own jurisdictions. To that list of marriage deniers, we can now add Suriname. All four countries are in direct violation of the CIDH marriage equality ruling, a ruling that is mandatory upon all four. In addition, also expect Argentina to raise a major on-going diplomatic stink with Suriname over this matter, just as it continues to do, non-stop, with the other 3 Latin violators.

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Belgium: 20th Anniversary of Marriage Equality

Per LGBT Marriage News:

Worldwide, Belgium was the second country to legalize same-sex marriage, and did so from 30 January 2003, right behind its neighbor, the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, at least one person of the couple intending to marry must be a citizen of the Netherlands. However, Belgium took the concept one step further by permitting couples from anywhere in the world to be married there.

Homohuwelijk bestaat 20 jaar in ons land, maar in grote delen van de wereld is het nog niet vanzelfsprekend. Twintig jaar geleden stelde ons land het huwelijk open voor mensen van hetzelfde geslacht. Na Nederland was België het tweede land waar huwen met iemand van hetzelfde geslacht mogelijk werd gemaakt. Sindsdien kan dat wereldwijd in een 35-tal landen, maar in nog veel meer landen, is er nog heel wat ruimte voor verbetering.

Same-sex marriage has existed in our country for 20 years, but in large parts of the world, it is not yet a matter of fact. Twenty years ago, our country opened up marriage to people of the same sex. After the Netherlands, Belgium was the second country where marriage with someone of the same sex was made possible. Since then, this has become possible in some 35 countries worldwide, but in many more countries, there is still much room for improvement.

In Nederlandse taal (often referred to in Belgium as Vlaamse taal), this extended news article then goes on to discuss in depth the situation regarding same-sex marriage and LGBT rights throughout the entire rest of the world, area by area and country by country.

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Ian, today, the issue with the "problem" links has vanished. I just finished re-doing each of them, and all are now in blue, meaning that they are active and working.

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US Virgin Islands: Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Discrimination Now Illegal

On 2 February 2023, Governor Albert Bryan of the US Virgin Islands signed into law Bill No. 34-0271, which makes it illegal to discriminate against a person because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Ian, thanks for your assistance. However, the effort was not successful.

On the "El Salvador" post up above, I followed your directions precisely. But when I posted it, it came back in the altered state that you can still see there, including the alterations to your own directions. I have left the mess as-is, so you can see exactly what occurred.

I have no interest in pursuing this matter any further, as my technical interest and skill is extremely limited. I can wait for the links to automatically format themselves again.

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Help!! My Links Are No Longer Being Posted as Active

Since making the recent post concerning Andorra two days ago, I have suddenly realized that my links are no longer showing up here at EoT as being active, meaning that they are appearing in black, rather than in blue. I have no idea why this should have suddenly occurred, and have no understanding as to how to "fix" it.

I have shut down my computer several times, and re-booted, but to no avail. The problem persists, but my technical knowledge has been exhausted.

In the meantime, as a work-around, in order to follow the link, you will need to copy it from my post, and then paste it into Google Search to thus bring up the reference in question.

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Perú: Symbolic Weddings to Take Place in February

As of the moment, despite the current political crisis engulfing Perú, it would appear that the annual symbolic weddings that take place each February under the sponsorship of La Red Peruana TLGB are still going to be held.

Per Radio Conexión Vida:

Ya estamos con las previas de las Bodas Simbólicas 2023. Participa de esta intervención que realizamos cada febrero por el matrimoni iIgualitario. Inscríbete aquí:

We are now into the previews of the Symbolic Weddings 2023. Participate in this intervention that we carry out each February for marriage equality. Sign up here:

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El Salvador: Transgender Name-Change Complaint Filed with CIDH

Per LGBT Marriage News:

On 1 February 2023, transgender activists in El Salvador filed a complaint with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH) over congress' refusal to amend the law to allow legal name change, as ordered by the Supreme Court of El Salvador.

Pedirán audiencia a la CIDH por Ley del Nombre. La población transgénero recordó que la Asamblea (Nacional) no ha cumplido un fallo de la Sala impuesta que ordena reformar la Ley del Nombre.

They will request a hearing at the CIDH for the Name Law. The transgender population recalled that the (National) Assembly has not complied with a required ruling of the Court that orders reform to the Name Law.