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Poland: Court of Appeal Overturns Ban on Gay Pride March

The Polish city of Lublin held its first-ever Pride parade on 13 October 2018, despite counter protestors’ best efforts to halt the proceedings. According to "Gay Star News" (via local police), it is estimated that around 1500 people marched for equality on Saturday. In comparison, it has been reported that about 200 individuals showed up to disrupt the celebration by throwing bottles, bricks, and stones at attendees.

Earlier in the week, Mayor Krzysztof Żuk announced that the parade had been banned due to security concerns. It is believed that the homophobic regional governor Przemysław Czarnek, who is a member of the anti-LGBTI Law & Justice Party, heavily influenced the decision. Around the same time, he claimed that the march would promote “pedophilia” and “sexual behavior [that is] incompatible with nature.”

Addressing the ban, the President of the European Pride Organisers Association, Kristine Garina, said: “It is deeply depressing that we keep having to have the same conversations about Poland. Opposition to equality marches in Poland has found its way into European case law as to the freedom of assembly, and you would think that eight years after Warsaw hosted EuroPride, attitudes would be changing."

Poland’s Court of Appeal overruled the ban on Friday, 12 October 2018, due to said freedom of assembly laws, and the event went ahead as planned the following day.

Lublin is south-east of Warsaw, toward the border with Ukraine.

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Appeal from Czech-Equality for More International Support for Marriage Equality

The Czech Republic is moving closer towards marriage equality. But we'll need strong allies by our side to help us win this fight. Ask these companies to join the growing list of supporters and help love and equality win: Tesco, Ikea, Skanska, Škoda Auto, and Zara.

British grocery retailer Tesco has shops everywhere in the Czech Republic. Swedish furniture company IKEA says "inclusion is everyone's responsibility". Ask them to live up to their standards and support marriage equality in the Czech Republic. Construction company Skanska builds highways and buildings all across the country. Czech car company Škoda Auto is the country's biggest company. Spanish apparel retailer Zara supplies Czech shoppers with the latest fashion trends.

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And now, just one day later, following this massively-attended LGBT forum in Tijuana, organized by Diana Sánchez Barrios:

Per LGBT Marriage News:

Baja California: Legislator Promises Marriage Equality and Trans Rights Bills to Be Presented in State Congress in 15 Days

Baja California: Presentarán Legislación para la Identidad de Género y los Matrimonios del Mismo Sexo en BC

El diputado estatal, Catalino Zavala Márquez, se comprometió a entregar en 15 días un borrador de iniciativa de ley en colaboración con el primer foro del Centro de Estudios y Proyectos de la Frontera Norte, Heberto Castillo, y para presentar en un plazo tentativo de tres meses al Congreso del Estado, una iniciativa de ley que regule la identidad de género y los matrimonios del mismo sexo.

El legislador presentó su compromiso al arquitecto, Jaime Martínez Veloz, durante el foro, Ley de Identidad de Género y Matrimonio Igualitario, que se llevó a cabo este sábado (ayer) en el Centro Cultural Tijuana (Cecut), con asistencia de cientos de activistas y residentes de todo el estado.

The state deputy, Catalino Zavala Márquez, promised to deliver a draft law in 15 days in collaboration with the first forum of the Center for Studies and Proposals of the Northern Border, Heberto Castillo, and to present to the State Congress within a tentative period of three months, an initiative of law that regulates gender identity and same-sex marriages.

The legislator presented his commitment to the architect, Jaime Martínez Veloz, during the forum, Law of Gender Identity and Marriage Equality, which was held this Saturday (yesterday) at the Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut), with the assistance of hundreds of activists and residents from all over the state.

Last night, there were tweets in thanks and in support for Diana for having organized this well-attended forum, from among others: Omar Ramírez, Karen Ruiz, María Fernandi, Samantha, Melissa Mott, Johan Liebertt, Deniss Velarde‏, and Carla López

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Perú: Manuel Siccha, the First (Lima) Metropolitan Council Memberr Belonging to the LGTBI Community

Perú: Manuel Siccha, el Primer Regidor Metropolitano (de Lima) que Pertenece a la Comunidad LGTBI

Elecciones 2018:

El joven de 28 años llega a la Municipalidad de Lima junto a Acción Popular. Está comprometido con el activismo desde muy joven y hoy, 10 octubre 2018, llega a la Municipalidad de Lima con el compromiso de trabajar por los derechos para todos y para todas. Carlos Manuel Siccha Chipana se ha convertido en el primer regidor metropolitano abiertamente homosexual y marca un hito en cuanto a la representación que tiene la comunidad LGTBIQ en la política peruana.

"Somos un partido (Acción Popular) progresista que abraza la diversidad en todos sus sentidos y no sólo lo sexual," manifestó el regidor en entrevista con el portal, Conexión Vida, donde aseguró que también se enfocará en la erradicación del racismo y en reforzar la importancia del feminismo.

2018 Elections:

The 28-year-old arrives at the Municipality of Lima with Acción Popular. He has been committed to activism from a young age and today, 10 October 2018, he comes to the Municipality of Lima with the commitment to work for the rights of all. Carlos Manuel Siccha Chipana has become the first openly gay metropolitan council member, marking a milestone in terms of the representation that the LGTBIQ community has in Peruvian politics.

"We are a progressive party (Acción Popular) that embraces diversity in all its senses and not just the sexual," the council member said in an interview with the portal, Conexión Vida, where he assured that it will also focus on the eradication of racism and on strengthening the importance of feminism.

Note: Peruvian regional and municipal elections were held on 7 October 2018, the same date as the first round of elections in Brasil.

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But not necessarily this delusional and self-deluded nut-job from Bahía:

Brasil: "Ex-Homosexual" Evangelical Pastor Most-Voted Deputy in the State of Bahía

Brasil: Pastor Evangélico “Ex-Homosexual,” Diputado Más Votado en el Estado de Bahía

Uno de los diputados más votados en las elecciones legislativas del pasado domingo en Brasil fue Isidorio Manoel Santana Junior, un pastor evangélico y sargento de la Policía Militarizada, quien se presenta como “ex-homosexual,” y que ya tiene una larga carrera política en el estado de Bahía.

El candidato, que se identifica en las urnas y en la política como “Pastor Sargento Isidorio,” asumirá en febrero del próximo año un mandato de cuatro años como miembro de la Cámara de Diputados de Brasil tras haber sido el legislador más votado en el estado de Bahía, con 323.241 sufragios. El folclórico político es conocido por cargar una Biblia todo el tiempo y por dedicar a Dios todos sus éxitos, incluso la “cura” que le permitió dejar de ser homosexual, según dice.

In Brasil, one of the most-voted deputies in the legislative elections last Sunday was Isidorio Manoel Santana Junior, an evangelical pastor and sargeant of the Military Police, who presents himself as "ex-homosexual," and who already has a long political career in the State of Bahia.

The candidate, who identifies himself at the polls and in politics as "Pastor Sargento Isidorio," will assume a four-year term as a member of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies in February 2019 after being the most-voted legislator in the state of Bahía, with 323,241 votes. The political clown is known for carrying a Bible all the time and for dedicating to God all of his successes, including the "cure" that allowed him to stop being homosexual, or so he claims.

Note: The "snark" in this report is built into the original Spanish text. I merely translated it.

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Florida: Gay Latino State Legislator Just Got Engaged

Florida's first and only LGBTQ Latinx legislator, Carlos Guillermo Smith, representing the 49th District of the Florida House of Representatives, just got engaged to his long-term same-sex partner, Jerick, tonight, 13 October 2018, on stage at Orlando Pride.

Note: The 49th District occupies an area on the east side of Orlando around University Park and E. Colonial Drive (FL 50) where the East-West Expressway (FL 408) and the Eastern Beltway (FL 417) intersect. It is 50% Anglo white, 10% Anglo black, 33% Hispanic, and 7% other (primarily Asian).

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Brasil Elects its First Openly Gay Federal Senator and its First Transgender Woman to the House in its History

Brasil Elige a un Senador Abiertamente Homosexual y una Mujer Transgénero a la Cámara por la Primera Vez en su Historia

Fabiano Contarato logró el triunfo con el el 31.15 % del total de los votos, por lo que ocupará la primera plaza para el Senado por el estado de Espíritu Santo. Se trata de un logro que nunca había sido conseguido por una persona abiertamente homosexual en Brasil. Contarato, quien está casado con otro hombre y tiene un hijo adoptivo, obtuvo el escaño en la Cámara Alta y venció a Magno Malta, un pastor evangélico y opositor a los derechos de las personas LGBT, el religioso recogió solo el 17.04 % de los votos.

Además de Fabiano Contarato, la población LGBT tendrá como representante a Érica Malunguinho, una Afro-Brasileira de São Paulo, inspirada para correr tras el asesinato de la activista, Marielle Franco, y quien se convirtió en la primera mujer transgénero en llegar a la Cámara de Diputados del país.

Fabiano Contarato triumphed with 31.15% of the total votes, and will occupy first place for the Senate from the state of Espiritu Santo. It is an achievement that had never previously been accomplished by an openly gay person in Brasil. Contarato, who is married to another man and has an adopted son, obtained the seat in the Upper House by beating Magno Malta, an evangelical pastor and an opponent of the rights of LGBT people, who picked up only 17.04% of the votes.

In addition to Fabiano Contarato, the LGBT population will be represented by Érica Malunguinho, an Afro-Brasileira from São Paulo, inspired to run following the murder of activist, Marielle Franco, and who became the first transgender woman to ever reach the Chamber of Deputies in Brasil.

Because of the proportional representation factor involved, the results of the recent election in Brasil for the multitude of lower-level offices are only now being released, one week later. Stay tuned. We probably have more.

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I just Googled the Hotze Health & Wellness Center and came up with this address:

Wellness center in Houston, Texas
Address: 20214 Braidwood Dr Suite 215, Katy, TX 77450

The US Pastor Council turns up this mailing address:

P.O. Box 692207
Houston, Texas 77269


So, yes, in the one instance, suing the city of Austin probably does not pass muster, and in the other instance, filing with the District court for Northern Texas, Ft. Worth Division, may not either. In addition, a group photo of the "pastors," indicate that there are 14 of them, 11 black, 2 Hispanic, and one white guy, with the sole white guy seemingly in charge, speaking at the podium. They are also having a "pastors breakfast" on 20 October with Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity.

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Nicaragua Slams Guatemala over Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage

El Presidente de Guatemala Reitera su Oposición al Aborto y al Matrimonio Gay

"Guatemala y nuestro Gobierno cree en la vida. Nuestro Gobierno y Guatemala cree en la familia basada en el matrimonio de hombre y mujer," proclamó el mandatario ante los medios de comunicación. El presidente de Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, reiteró hoy, el 31 de agosto 2018, su oposición al aborto y al matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo, dos días antes de que se celebre una manifestación a favor de una iniciativa de ley que aumenta las penas para las mujeres que aborten.

El Congreso ya ha aprobado en segundo debate (de los tres necesarios además de la redacción y aprobación por artículos) la iniciativa 5272, la ley "Para la protección de la vida y la familia." El artículo 2 de la iniciativa define la diversidad sexual como "el conjunto de pensamientos, tendencias, y prácticas por las que determinados grupos de la sociedad adoptan una conducta sexual distinta a la heterosexualidad e incompatible con los aspectos biológicos y genéticos del ser humano." Además, establece que la familia nuclear está constituida por "el padre, la madre, y los hijos que conviven con ellos o que se encuentran bajo su potestad."

The President of Guatemala Reiterates his Opposition to Abortion and Gay Marriage

"Guatemala and our Government believe in life, our Government and Guatemala believe in the family based on marriage between men and women," the president proclaimed before the media. Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales reiterated today, 31 August 2018, his opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage, two days before a demonstration is held in favor of a bill that increases penalties for women who abort.

The Congress has already approved in the second debate (of the three necessary besides the writing and approval by articles) the initiative 5272, the law "For the protection of life and the family." Article 2 of the initiative defines sexual diversity as "the set of thoughts, tendencies, and practices by which certain groups of society adopt a sexual behavior different from heterosexuality and incompatible with the biological and genetic aspects of the human being." In addition, it establishes that the nuclear family is constituted by "the father, the mother, and the children who live with them or who are under their power."

Note: This report slamming the president of Guatemala for his opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage (as well as slamming the reactionary Congress of Guatemala for fomenting this reactionary "family" law) comes from the same news source in Nicaragua as the previous report, immediately above, which offers faint praise for the president of Honduras.

In the same breath, it is also important to note that neither article from Nicaragua makes any mention whatsoever to the situation in Nicaragua regarding either abortion or marriage equality. It would appear that the press in Nicaragua is perfectly free to critique and criticize its neighboring Central American republics, while remaining perfectly silent about Nicaragua itself.

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Honduran President Disagrees with Same-Sex Marriage, But .....

Per Rex Wockner:

Presidente Hondureño en Desacuerdo con Matrimonio de Personas del Mismo Sexo, Pero .....

El presidente de Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, expresó hoy, 12 de octubre 2018, su desacuerdo con el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo, pero enfatizó que, al margen de la preferencia sexual de cada quien, "debe tratársele con dignidad."

Hernández considera que sobre el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo es una determinación en cuyo debate los hondureños deben participar con libertad. La Constitución de Honduras no permite el matrimonio de personas del mismo sexo, ni la adopción de menores por parte de ese tipo de parejas, pero sobre el tema la Corte Suprema de Justicia conoce un recurso orientado a eliminar la definición de que un matrimonio es entre un hombre y una mujer.

Hernández reiteró que aunque el matrimonio de personas del mismo sexo se está aceptando en varios países, y en Honduras, hay un recurso (pendiente) para que este sea permitido, los hondureños tienen la libertad de participar en el debate, añade la información oficial.

Today, 12 October 2018, the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, said he is in disagreement with same-sex marriage, but stressed that, regardless of the sexual preference of each person, "each should be treated with dignity."

Hernández believes that marriage between people of the same sex is a determination in which Hondurans should participate freely. The Constitution of Honduras does not allow for marriage of people of the same sex, nor for the adoption of minors by the same type of couples, but on this subject, the Supreme Court of Justice holds a case aimed at eliminating the definition that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Hernández reiterated that although same-sex marriage has been accepted in several countries, and in Honduras, there is a (pending) case seeking for it to be allowed, Hondurans are free to participate in the debate, according to official information.

Note: This report on Honduras comes from Nicaragua. More on this point immediately below.