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US Virgin Islands: By Law, Abortions Are and Remain Legal

A US Supreme Court ruling that places abortion access in the hands of state governments is a step backward for women’s rights, local VI officials said in statements issued on Friday, 24 June 2022, that also affirmed the territory’s pro-choice laws.

“While many states will face protracted political battles as a result of this ruling, the Virgin Islands already has laws in place,” Senate President Donna Frett-Gregory said in a statement. She added that according to the VI Code, abortions are legal in the territory.

“This law was enacted by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands in 1973. It is important for the public to understand that abortions in the Virgin Islands are and remain legal. Women in the US Virgin Islands can be assured that they will continue to have the right to choose,” she added.

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More on the Aftermath of "Roe v. Wade" Being Overturned

According to the "Advocate," with a slightly different list, abortion rights are in grave danger in as many as 21 states. In fact, the first 7 states on its list already have laws in place banning abortion (except to save the life of the mother). The next 5 states will have bans in place within 30 days. However, after that, matters become murkier, as the next 3 states have bans on the books, but without implementation clauses, while another 6 have current court challenges preventing implementation:

1. Missouri
2. Louisiana
3. Arkansas
4. Texas
5. Oklahoma
6. Kentucky
7. South Dakota

8. North Dakota (in 30 days)
9. Idaho (in 30 days)
10. Wyoming (in 5 days, after certification by governor)
11. Tennessee (after 6 weeks' gestation) (in 30 Days)
12. Mississippi (after 15 weeks' gestation) (in 10 days)

13. Alabama (unclear when it will be implemented)
14. West Virginia (unclear when it will be implemented)
15. Utah (unclear when it will be implemented, so legal-for-now)

16. Arizona (after 15 weeks' gestation, from sometime this fall)(new)
17. Florida (after 15 weeks' gestation, from 1 July, but already in court challenge)(new)
18. Ohio (after 6 weeks' gestation; stayed in court)
19. Georgia (after 6 weeks' gestation; stayed in court)
20. Michigan (ancient ban from 1931 being blocked)
21. Wisconsin (ancient ban from 1849 being blocked)

Note: This list does not cite North or South Carolina (but see above)

In contrast, it is quite clear that abortion will continue to remain legal in at least 27 states, plus DC., as situated in 3 distinct groups:

1. A 12-state northeastern bloc: ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA.
2. A loose 9-state grouping through the mid-west: IN, IL, MN, IA, NE, KS, CO, NM, MT.
3. The entire 6-state west coast bloc: AK, WA, OR, NV, CA, HI.

By contrast, the south-central area of the USA, encompassing South Texas, East Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee, is the bleakest for abortion rights, where a woman seeking one will have to travel multiple states in order to do so.

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Mexico City Hosts Massive Equal Marriage Ceremony, 24 June 2022

Per "SPR Informa:"

El matrimonio igualitario es una realidad en la Ciudad de México. Año con año, el Gobierno de CDMX organiza el programa Cásate Con Orgullo, donde decenas de parejas igualitarias tienen acceso a una ceremonia civil masiva para unir sus vidas ante la ley.

Marriage equality is a reality in Mexico City. Year after year, the CDMX Government organizes the program, Marry With Pride, where dozens of egalitarian couples have access to a massive civil ceremony so as to unite their lives before the law.

Per "Punto MX:"

El Gobierno de la Ciudad de México, a través de la Dirección General del Registro Civil (DGRC), llevó a cabo el matrimonio de 121 parejas durante la Jornada de Matrimonio Igualitario 2022, "Cásate Con Orgullo."

The Government of Mexico City, through the Director-General of the Civil Registry (DGRC), carried out the marriages of 121 couples during Marriage Equality Day 2022, "Marry With Pride."

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The Aftermath of the Overturning of "Row v. Wade"

From 24 June 2022, following the Supreme Court's insane decision overturning "Roe v. Wade," abortion policy is now set at the state level. Of the 16 most vulnerable states, abortion is now illegal in 5, soon-to-be-illegal in an additional 8, and potentially illegal in 3 more. By contrast, it will remain legal in 28 states and is legal-for-now in 6 others. Here is a chart explaining exactly what all that means, state by state:

1. Louisiana (now illegal)
2. Texas
3. Oklahoma
4. Kentucky
5. South Dakota

6. Missouri (soon-to-be-illegal)
7. Arkansas
8. North Dakota
9. Idaho
10. Wyoming
11. Tennessee
12. Mississippi
13. Utah

14. Alabama (potentially illegal)
15. West Virginia
16. Wisconsin

17. Arizona (legal-for-now)
18. Ohio
19. Georgia
20. Michigan
21. South Carolina
22. North Carolina

Note: This list does not cite Florida (but see below)

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Marriage Equality in Mexico: States Where LGBTs Can Marry

Matrimonio Igualitario en México: Estados Donde LGBTs Pueden Casarse

Per "Homosensual," 3 June 2022:

This is an excellent, detailed state-by-state account of the status of marriage equality in Mexico, and contains a plethora of specific, accurate information in each instance:

Only 3 minor, recent omissions can be found, indicating that this summary was originally written some months ago, likely near the very end of 2021, and has not been fully up-dated to include several subsequent changes from early 2022:

1. On 6 April 2022, the Jalisco Congress finally passed the bill to codify state law to include marriage equality, thus bringing state law into conformity with the Supreme Court ruling of 2016 that had previously governed Jalisco state.

2. On 1 March 2022, the Yucatán Congress, under a tight deadline, finally passed the secondary laws to allow for marriage equality. These laws took effect from 4 March 2022, and the first equal marriages occurred immediately thereafter.

3. The legislation allowing marriage equality in Zacatecas state was published on 30 December 2021, and became effective the next day.

Oddly, this accounting by "Homosensual" is perfectly accurate for the most important and very recent marriage equality up-dates pertinent to Veracruz state, major changes that occurred on 30 May and 2 June 2022.

To date, the Supreme Court has abrogated 6 states' laws through separate "Actions of Unconstitutionality" rulings. Three states have subsequently up-dated their civil codes to conform: Puebla, Jalisco, and Veracruz. Three others have not: Chiapas, Nuevo León, and Aguascalientes.

Thus, 27 of Mexico's jurisdictions presently have marriage equality, 21 due to legislative means, 3 due to judicial means, 2 due to administrative means, and one (Quintana Roo) because its marriage law was always gender neutral and needed no further change.

And 5 perversely recalcitrant states still do not have marriage equality: Durango, Edomex, Guerrero, Tabasco, and Tamaulipas. Still, "Homosensual" provides good detail on the several unsuccessful attempts in each.

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And some clarification: The Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office has three locations. The main office is in the county courthouse in the city of Boulder. In addition, there are two branch offices, one in Longmont and the other in Lafayette.

Clela Rorex was elected Boulder County Clerk and Recorder and took office in 1975. She served in the Boulder County Courthouse in the city of Boulder between 1975-77.

Dave McCord and Dave Zamora had originally applied for a marriage license in Colorado Springs with the El Paso County clerk, but were turned down. The pair then applied for a marriage license with the Boulder County clerk, Clela Rorex, who accepted their application. After consultation with the Assistant District Attorney, she then issued the marriage license to this couple the very next day, 26 March 1975.

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Ukraine LGBTQ Community Struggles Amid Ongoing Russian Invasion

The official Pride parade in Kyiv was canceled this year after a decade of hard-fought efforts for more acceptance of LGBTQ people.

Before Russia invaded, Ukraine – a largely religious nation with a long history of oppression against sexual and gender expression – had increasingly become a rare bright spot for LGBTQ rights and a sanctuary of sorts for Eastern Europe. Ex-Soviet LGBTQ individuals would travel to experience a gay nightclub scene, especially in larger cities like Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa, where they could feel safer to be open.

Now, what would have been the 10th anniversary of the Equality March in Kyiv this month was relocated to Poland because of the ongoing war.

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New York: Stonewall Inn to Have National Park Visitors' Center with LGBTQ History

The National Park Service will open a visitor center dedicated to LGBTQ history in New York City in the building adjacent to the Stonewall Inn, the iconic gay Manhattan landmark. Earlier this week, officials announced plans to reconnect the Stonewall Inn with its neighboring building in Greenwich Village, where the 1969 riot sparked the modern LGBTQ rights movement.

The Stonewall National Monument Visitor Center will be home to rangers working to preserve Stonewall Inn, which was designated a national monument by President Obama in 2016. In addition to in-person and virtual tours, visitors will also be able to explore LGBTQ history and culture through lectures, exhibitions, and visual arts displays. The Stonewall Inn originally consisted of two buildings: 53 Christopher St., where the current bar is, and 51 Christopher St., where a 3,700-square-foot visitor center will open in 2024.

"The new Stonewall National Monument Visitor Center will serve as an important memorial for the Stonewall Uprising, an iconic and pivotal moment in the essential effort to fully realize America's founding ideal that we are all created equal," said US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. "I'm proud New York will be home to the first LGBTQ visitor center within the National Park Service, honoring the LGBTQ community and their history. As a proud parent of a LGBTQ person, I won't stop fighting against the unprecedented and unjust discrimination the LGBTQ community continues to face today."

As a bureau of the US Department of the Interior, the National Park Service is responsible for preserving national parks. Dedicated to the birthplace of the modern civil rights movement for LGBTQ individuals, Stonewall National Monument is the first monument honoring that movement in the USA.

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Japan: Court in Osaka Rules that Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Is Constitutional

In a ruling issued on Monday, 20 June 2022, the Osaka District Court said that Japan’s ban on same-sex marriage was not unconstitutional. The case had been filed by three same-sex couples — two male, one female — and is only the second legal challenge to have yet been ruled upon in Japan.

In March 2021, the Sapporo District Court ruled that the Constitution of Japan does not ban same-sex couples from legally marrying and that it ensures them of a right to marry. Under current Japanese law, same-sex couples are banned from legally marrying, which means that partners cannot inherit each other’s assets upon death and have no parental rights over the other person’s child.

In this Sapporo case, "Nikkei Asia" reported that three couples — also two male and one female — tried to register their marriages in 2019, but local officials turned them away. The couples then sued and the court in Sapporo ruled that the government’s actions violated two provisions of the Japanese Constitution: Article 14 that ensures the right to equal treatment, and Article 24, which does not expressly deny the right of marriage to same-sex couples.

By contrast, Reuters reported that the Osaka District Court ruling stated that marriage was defined as being only between opposite genders and that not enough debate on same-sex marriage had taken place in Japanese society. “We emphasized in this case that we wanted same-sex couples to have access to the same things as regular couples,” said the lawyer for the couples, Akiyoshi Miwa, adding that they would appeal.

A third case, still upcoming in the Tokyo District Court, will keep public debate on the issue alive, particularly in the capital, where an opinion poll by the local government late last year found some 70 percent of people were in favor of marriage equality. A fourth lawsuit, filed with the Nagoya District Court, and a fifth case, filed with the Fukuoka District Court, are also both still pending. Furthermore, there also appears to have been a sixth case, still pending, filed with the Tokyo District Court.

Reference to lawsuits #3, 4, 5, and 6 can be found in the archives, in the post dated 10 September 2019, as noted here:

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Veracruz: First Equal Marriage in Pueblo Viejo

El 20 de junio 2022, se realiza el primer matrimonio igualitario en la municipalidad de Pueblo Viejo, Veracruz, entre Blanca Anahí del Angel López y Dulce Angélica Rodríguez González.

On 20 June 2022, the first equal marriage is realized in the municipality of Pueblo Viejo, Veracruz, between Blanca Anahí del Angel López and Dulce Angélica Rodríguez González.

Pueblo Viejo is situated on the Gulf of Mexico in the very northeastern corner of Veracruz state and faces across the Pánuco River to Tampico in Tamaulipas state.

Reportedly, on 20 June 2022, there were two additional equal marriages in the neighboring municipality of Pánuco, plus one more in the municipality of Paso de Ovejas.