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The 8th is the most conservative court in my opinion even more conservative than the 5th.

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NI hopefully the court of appeals delivers a judgement fast and does not take like two years to issue a judgement like the previous one.

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Good news coming from Australia. The last holdput has legalize ssm adoption for lgbt couples. Northern territory was the only state in Australia that didnt allow it

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The bad thing is that Morena and PES have join forces. Manuel Lopez Obrador the leader and candidate for Morena have already state that important subjects like abortion and same sex marriage should be held in referendums. So Morena at least its presidential candidate its not that lgbt friendly. While PES is the party most against lgbt rights but should get force with its alliance with Morena. We need to remember that the only deputy who vote against ssm in Campeche was from Morena. Not even the deputies of PAN vote against.
I would prefer PRD in having the presidency but I dont see them winning as they are extremely left for many religious while Morena like Obrador says have millions of evangelical and catholics. In other words Morena is more like socially conservative and economically liberal while PRD is more socially liberal and that is why most if not all of there candidates always vote in favor of ssm and abortion.

This link explains the union between the extreme right of PES and Morena and all the forces the right might gain if Morena wins.

So dont expect any good increase in lgbt rights from the government if Morena wins. This government have been the most lgbt friendly in the history of Mexico even some lgbt activist are worried about this alliance and have criticize Obrador for not having congruence.

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I hope the judges in the Philippines are lgbt friendly as the ones in Taiwan. I am hoping activist in SE Asia can become bolder I am almost sure we can win in countries like Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Bhutan Vietnam and Nepal even if it was already mandate by there highest court. My saying id because in those countries Buddhism is there primary religion and as far as I know it doesnt condemn homosexuality and if it does it do it in a less hateful and fierce way than Christianity or Islam. The only against in this country is there lack of knowledge in lgbt topics and many people havent met lgbt people like in the case of Bhutan, I at least see them causing less trouble than the industrialize countries of South Korea and Japan in accepting ssm.

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The three judges were democrats . Even White who was approve in Bush administration was nominate first during Clinton administration but was not confirm because of the withhold of the blue slip.

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Yeah I am not worried about being veto I am worried that legislators dont disccuss the topic until much further on. Hopefully lgbt supporters can pressure the legislative body to disccuss the marrriage bill. With the majority in congress in favor of ssm I dont doubt about being pass I am worried in what time they are going to discuss at all. Just look at the gender identity bill it has been 5 years since it was introduced and it still isnt approve.

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It will not be done until the next administration takes place, Even though its sad that this proposal has been file since 2013 some lgbt activist are celebrating as if it has been approve there could have been some trouble in the constitutional chamber base on some comments I read in movil tweet.

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As expected conservative Paraguay the most conservative country in South America has state the Ich ruling is not binding by them and even so the deputies said they will do everything in there power to protect the constitution of the country against ssm.

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Tlaxcala Mexico
The state is being neutral with a bill with marriage equality they will not approve saying that cohabitation is already legal in the state but they will not throw it away. If Tlaxcala modifies its civil code in terms of marriage and dont allow ssm they it could be subject to an act of unconstitutionality. Sadly lgbt groups in the state didnt act up when the state pass the civil partnership law. Hopefully if something similar happens this time they do something.