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I am in La Ceiba Honduras and we are in a complete lockdown we cannot even go to the markets nor banks or gas stations. It's one of a strong lockdown for just one case of coronavirus in my city . I am prohibit of going outside because of my lupus condition but it's tiring being only inside. The number of cases is up 12 and now they are 105 suspects

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Its part of tradition and you might say machismo. in most countries in Latin America is by force that the surname of the dad needs to be first. If the father of baby does not recognize him/her then the mom might use both of her surnames or was suppose to pass in 2018 Not sure if it did but in rural places at least the people who add you to the register of people look you bad or disgust. I remember this because many deputies from conservative departments were making a scene because they didn't want the surname of the women first saying that it has been tradition and that values were being lost.

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Yucatán lgbt activist are no longer playing . They are asking the supreme Court in two different amparos to force the state Congress to vote in an open way the ssm bill. I am not sure if the Amparo is asking the judges to force the deputies to vote in a positive way but it looks like it does.

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Costa Rica judge who annul the first ssm is not hiding his homophobia from anyone. In his ruling he even criticise the supreme Court for following the ich and not the European court decision .

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Bhutan house committee wants to retain the ban on homosexual relationships. Honestly I didn't expect that . The debate and probably we will know the outcome on monday.

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So I have been investigating about the constitutional commission of Chile and I see that one senator who vote against is there Victor Perez, but we have three in favor Francisco Huenchumilla , Felipe Harboe and Alfonso de urresti the remaining one is Andres Allamand but seeing as he is part of the RN and every member vote against I suppose he is going to be against, so we have a majority of 3-2.

Where I am worried is actually the chambers of deputies were conservatives have 71 votes and joining all the left together we get 70 and that is joining all the left that is separate in many fractions, I have seen in twitter one deputy saying he is against and voting no since now and will try to convince a majority for a bad vote for us. I hope they dont because it will probably take another 10 years for all the process to happen against, will prefer the senate to have it as much as I can until a more favorable environment in the house.

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You should see Luis Larraín explanation in his tweets of 4 hours ago. It looks like it might take years before ssm becomes law in chile. The judicial way looks to be the easiest way.

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It looks like even though Cholulas in favor of ssm they will wait for congress to legalize before continuing to marry ss couples.

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I believe ssm stop when the law passed by the legislators came into effect, if this is indeed true that means that deputies can overturn a supreme Court ruling by passing a similar law to the one struck down.

I havent seen more marriages occuring in Puebla and every piece of information I search gives conflicting results.

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Sinaloa should had legalize ssm as the people choose a majority of Morena for congress who are supposed to be a liberal party . the problem was the some of them vote against the law. I have seen the richest states in Mexico like Nuevo Leon and Sinaloa fight more against ssm than the poorest states like Oaxaca and chiapas which are the poorest states in the union and are supposed to be extremely conservative and instead Oaxaca has ssm and one of only two jurisdictions in Mexico to have abortion.

If we compare Chiapas and Nuevo Leon attitude when the supreme court struck both of there bans there is a stark contrast. While Nuevo Leon keeps fighting as the pes deputy carlos leal is still trying to re ban ssm and trying to convince more deputies to do what Puebla did, Chiapas instead accept the ruling and even pass a law abiding the supreme court decision, which was really surprising as Chiapas is by some the most conservative state in the union because of the closeness to central america which has a social conservative attitude, more surprising that this happen even before the 2018 elections when Morena won big in the state and the federal level.