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Don't forget that the present continuing resolution for spending only continues through 11-Dec-2020; therefore, there has to be a lame duck session before that or we'll have another government shutdown. The Orange Menace can still reek havoc.

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This post is in response to ianbirmingham’s post in the previous thread.

11th Circuit holds (2-1) that law prohibiting nonaversive LGBT conversion therapy for minors violates the First Amendment.
Otto v. Cty of Boca Raton Fla https://media.ca11.uscourts.gov/opinions/pub/file....

I read the majority opinion and the descent in this case. I would encourage all to read it all the way through. The majority held that the Ordinances failed constitutionality because they banned content. And, therefore, strict scrutiny was applied and in their opinion it could not meet that test. They also held that a report from the American Psychological Association, relied on by the defendants, concedes that “nonaversive and recent approaches to SOCE have not been rigorously evaluated.” They also state, “In the first three printings of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the American Psychiatric Association considered homosexuality a paraphilia, disorder, or disturbance. Only in 1987 was homosexuality completely delisted from the Manual. The Association’s abandoned position is, to put it mildly, broadly disfavored today.” Britt C. Grant, circuit judge, and Barbara Lagoa, circuit judge. I’ll give you three guesses who appointed those judges and the first two don’t count. It was of course Donald J. Trump. In fact, he has appointed six circuit judges to the 11th circuit. He flipped the circuit from majority Democratic appointed judges to majority Republican appointed judges.

The dissenting opinion focused on how the Ordinances did meet strict scrutiny because this question requires addressing two subsidiary issues: first, the proper level of scrutiny; and second, whether the Ordinances further a compelling government interest in a narrow enough way to satisfy the level of scrutiny. I would hold the Ordinances satisfy strict scrutiny and that, as a result, the Therapists are not entitled to an injunction on this claim.” Beverly B. Martin, circuit judge appointed by Barack Obama.

The havoc Trump has heaped upon queer civil rights is just beginning to be revealed. We will suffer irreparable harm for generations to come!

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Thank you, we needed to hear that.

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This only shows how sad SCOTUS, as a collective group, has become.

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Christi Jacobsen (R) defeats Bryce Bennett (D) in Montana secretary of state race


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And so it begins badly.

"In a call on Friday with administration officials, Mary Gibert, the head of the presidential transition team at the GSA, told colleagues the agency was in a holding pattern and not to host people from Biden teams until there is “ascertainment.” She gave no specific timeline on when it was expected.

"The delay has already gummed up discussions on critical issues, including plans to distribute a possible coronavirus vaccine, this official said.

"GSA has been part of transition planning since the Presidential Transition Act was signed in 1963. Since then, the agency has identified the winner within hours or a day of media projections, and weeks before the results were made official by the electoral college."


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These polls are encouraging; however, do not let the favorable polls lull you into thinking that it is not important to vote. If we want these favorable outcomes to happen, each and everyone of us has to vote.

I have already voted and have received confirmation that my ballot was received, accepted, and will be counted. Democracy is not a spectator sport. Voting is your most important civil right. If you can vote early this weekend, do so.

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Re Pope Francis’ Unofficial Public Statements on Same Sex Civil Unions

I initially though Francis’ statements fell into the “Too little, too late” category. However, after reading many differing comments on his statements, I have changed my mind. I’d like to share two of those comments with you that I believe are salient.

The first is Fr. Brian Massingale: Rachel Martin speaks with Fr. Bryan Massingale, priest and professor at Fordham University, about Pope Francis' statements.

I found this interview enlightening about the global significant of Frances’ statements.


Second: Fr James Allison posted on his web site:


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A very sad day indeed. Knowing what was inevitable, I refused to watch the news yesterday.

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Appeals Court Grants Stay to Texas Attorney General in Mail-In Ballot Case.