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It does to this former Michigander and current Californicator.

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They call them Michiganders like all the rest of us. Since 1850 or so. Attributed to President Lincoln for origination. Said to have been Abe poking fun at Lewis Cass, but long since common use and even in the State Law. Of course, the north folk are proudly called YOOPERS. As in Upper Penninsula (UP).

Are women from Texas called "Texettes"? How do gender-fluid Texanians identify themselves?

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And now Kavanaugh wants to join the ACTUAL NAMED BRANCH of our government whose exclusive charge is Constitutional review. Odd that he sees any need for the Supreme Court at all since he has ceded those duties to the Executive branch in his fantasy of America.

Checks and balances not required?
His version sounds like a dictatorship to me.

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Rick.... I'm neither humorless nor a killjoy... but presenting this with the only hint that it isn't real being the word ONION in the URL is just... not... helping. In my opinion.
This is the sort of thing that gets PIZZAGATE and "Michelle Obama is really a trans" and other "funny" stories into the minds of the wackos.
I hate to read "satire" articles sprinkled straight-faced in with news and serious diaries on KOS for the same reasons. People read 2 paragraphs, then go and quote it and say they read it on KOS... or EQUALITY ON TRIAL.... which they trust.

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That story and image truly have made my weekend light up with unbreakable pride. Thank you for sharing!

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My first "real" boyfriend was ex-seminary, where he had gone to find escape from his temptations. He quit when he found it was, in his words, "a rampant breeding ground" of gay men. With active breeding.

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And perhaps THAT is because their clergy's ranks are so full of us.

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They might follow the ruling if they hadn't already blocked their collective ears and eyes to reality. Trump lives in his own world. We aren't welcome there.

Trump might instead try to fire Buchwald, or order an investigation....

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Seems to me his writings will do more to dissuade would-be converters from trying.

The explicit repetition about how being "straight" will be boring, repulsive, and oppressive certainly makes it seem futile, if even possible.

Recommended reading for the ambivalent, I think.

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Read the article... it implies larger ramifications, but isn't clear on where on the slippery slope they want to plant this flag. Surely seems to pave that slope right into permitting funding for KKK adoption centers that support sincerely held purity. Good question, if a Muslim couple wants to adopt from a Catholic adoption agency, what?