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Oh thank God, I thought it was just me. Literally unreadable, and not in the usual trolls and losers sense...I have no idea how the whole system is supposed to work.

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Paul Kinsey is a failed everything.

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I love you for using the word "Heevahava." Haven't heard that word since I left Allentown, PA...

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We went with Lillian for #3. She's three months old tomorrow!

I really liked Olivia, but we decided not to *because* of its ridiculous popularity.

Also, I want a boy baby, and I want to name him Thomas.

However, we're up to three girls and I'm 40, so neither the ovaries nor the bank account are up for it. Sigh.

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I just can't deal with the never-ending Mommy Wars bullshit. I try so hard to not even engage, but...uurgh.

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Just from cutting out soda and juice and pulling out the Wii for WiiFit and Just Dance, LittleVictoria (my ten-year old) has dropped 3 pounds in a week.

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One day soon, it will all just...come together. The 'click' is almost audible. Your stride will feel natural, you won't feel like you're struggling. You will be a runner. It is the best feeling ever.

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I just got the dreaded school-nurse call...Gotta pick up a sickly LittleVictoria. Shit, Shit, Shit. I have so much to do today, and I was enjoying the peace and quiet.

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Goddamn it, I can't sleep and I can't take anything because I'm nursing.

Somewhat Related story: On my Mother's Day phone call to my mom, we somehow got on the topic of the Time magazine cover.

Mom: I remember you nursed *Oldest Daughter* until she was almost three.
Me: Hmm, no, she was about a year old.
Mom: No, I remember you were still nursing her when you had *Middle Daughter* and you were feeding both of them.
Me: That...never happened. At all.
Mom: Yes, I remember it.
Me: Ok, if that story works for you then whatevs.

I have no stated position on the whole Breastfeeding Wars, yet somehow my mom has transmogrified the fact that I nursed my children at all and she's vaguely uncomfortable with it into 'I remember how TristenVictoria breastfed her kids until preschool.'

...Fortunately my mom is usually very sane and loving so I can laugh this one off, but every now and then she undergoes this wholesale rewriting of narrative and it does make me a little tetchy.

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They make me feel extremely dizzy and queasy. Kind of like how I imagine chugging a bottle of dollar-store cough syrup must feel.