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Fair one - and to that extent there is no problem with Thunderf00t debating with retard^W Comfort.

That said, it is already being semi-spun as an example of where Comfort has beaten down yet another "Clueless Atheist."

The mind boggles.

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While funny I do think that any attempt to engage with nutcases just legitimatises their madness. No one will ever come out of a debate with a madman looking good and these things become nothing more than point scoring PR exercises - science can rarely convince the ignorant in this manner.

Still, the bits I watched were quite funny - when I have time I will try to see it all.

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Wonderful idea - I will see about getting a post advertising it and may be sending in some pictures myself.

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well they see enough red throughout the day...

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Faithful christians being hypocritical? Never. I cant believe such a thing would ever be possible...................................................

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Why dont they get all worked into a tiff over the pubs being open on a Sunday? The publican is working (and working hard!)....

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Well done.

We need to begin fashioning temples to Mithra now. Can you put in a good word for me on Friday night's lottery please?

Let us know if the book is any good - I seem to spend half my life buying books from Amazon (and the other half trying to read through them all!)

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Well, there is a lot to be said for the guilt thing. It means you can do all manner of horrific acts and then ask for forgiveness - which is always granted.

Wonderful get out jail card :-)

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Bah. After I posted that whine about IntenseDebate it has started working again. Now everyone will assume I am insane.

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