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Trolling for Atheists? Is that all your blog is about? All you've posted, We have debunked, exposed you for being dishonest and that over several years.

Let's just face it Ray, you're done. You're washed up, you need to give up. Let it go, you tried and you've failed. Not because of some "evil atheistic conspiracy", it's because the whole platform of creationism is pseudo-science.

You know you could have gone the evils of the drug trade, the sex trade, the weapons trade, you could have gone off the evils of greed and even gluttony (strange thing, I don't recall in the years I have known of your antics of you even mentioning that one once).

But no, you just have to go with "those darn atheists". We are like the last acceptable minority to use as scapegoats, aren't we?

Anyways, funniest thing, just like Bob Larson is known to guys like me, as an oddity, you will be remembered just as such. Just an oddity. Nothing special.

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You just don't get it Ray,

Richard Dawkins, will never give you the time of day. You have no credibility. Just give up. It's over. You're done.

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Or so you were led to believe. Do you have any empirical data to support your claim? And from reliable sources, not some interest group?

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Why are youth leaving?

1) They realize you have no real power.

2) That your beliefs are not based in sensible ideals but just plain ol' fear.

3) That people like you are scheming, lying, opportunistic cancerous polyps on the nether-region of humanity that is not out to help or better one's community, but only to prey on their fears for the sake of money and some easily bruised ego.

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Why insult squids?

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Why do you defend him? What benefit do you gain?

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Could you provide us with accounts of each said miracle? I am sure there is a scientific explanation for each and everyone of them.

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Dear nag,

You say it's pure lust, but what have you done for your husband of late in the romance dept? Other than accuse him, badger him, or make him feel like a heel nine times out of ten?

Consider this, sure he looks at the other women, but he comes home to you, despite you being the bitter old harpy that you made yourself sound like in your post!

Now that's love folks!

Seriously. While I do not condone infidelity, acting like Shakespear's shrew doesn't help things along. Surprise the little bugger and remind him that while he looks at the "kittens" on the screen, you are indeed his tigress.

You can thank me later.



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You and the Phelps clan should get along just fine.

BTW, while you're blaming us for this, could you also blame us for the following; Toasts that fall on the floor on the buttered side, Birds pooping on statues, the fact no one really knows what's in a hotdog, that no matter what traffic light you stop at, the guy in the car next to you is always picking his nose.

If you are going to blame us for tragedies such as this, you might as well blame us for the rest too!

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Being your tragedy-hijacking self again Ray?

I must thank you for that, you do Atheists a huge favour by being the disgusting little jerk that you're being now. You do realize that using the "Fred Phelps Method Of Gathering Attention" you will make a lot of evangelical Christians want to leave your ministry and refuse flat out to pay for the junk you hock or even want to even associate with you.

But hey, as Napoleon once said "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."