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suggestion: If you don't use the word "animal" in its biological meaning, just don't talk about biology.

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I know you don't like evolution, Ray, but why do you have to violate developmental biology?

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what a far fetched idea that actions are good or bad, not necessarily people...

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I have a question for you, Ray. Do you believe this will convince Melissa that she never really was a Christian?

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So is everybody else.

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the soil contained nutrients that fed the wheat-seed, and it formed itself into the wheat plant

Ray, you might want to look up the term "photosynthesis". It seems you're forgetting an important factor here.

But when have yu ever been interested in getting the facts right.

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I love the term "non avian dinosaurs", but it's probably miles above Ray's head.

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To keep the Sabbath holy is one of the Ten Commandments. Still, according to Mark Jesus said that Sabbath was made for men and not men for Sabbath.

If that's true for one Commandment, why not for the other nine as well?

Isn't is possible that the ten Commandments are there to help people, not to condamn them?

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In real football (the sport Americans call soccer) the players don't wear helmets either. And they do get brain damage there, too. Some even commit suicide.

BTW: What kind of suicide isn't tragic, Ray?

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Fundamentalism is a problem for a society. The moment someone in power thinks he can decide what other people ought to believe, the society has a problem.

You can't dispute that religion had much more opportunity in history to make these mistakes than atheism. Both used it, unfortunately, which just says that humans have a tendency to be shortsighted.