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Instead of "The Subtle Knife" I think this book should be called "The Creepy Onlookers" They seem to keep popping up. How many have we had so far?

I don't see why you're giving up your theory of Nelson and Lee being parallels of each other because his name is Nelson? Isn't alternate universes about choices/slight nuances being changed? Well, a name is a choice, so I don't think the same "person" would necessarily have the same name. Plus, you've given up on this theory but not Asriel/John yet their names are different.

Poor cat. I too would like to see more of the mythology of why the children attacked the cat, however, unlike you, I don't think we're going to get it- or at least get it right away. I don't think we're going to learn more about this city and it's ways for at least 5 chapters or so. I think they wanna keep up this "mysterious city" vibe they have going on.

Also... I kinda wanna see Lyra try and hug a polar bear that look just like Iorek. Only, it turns out to be one of our polar bears and not nice and all. I know, I'm a horrible mean person. I mean, the polar bear doesn't have to kill her, something can protect her or something. But I wanna still wanna see her try.

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:D I like this theory

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And, there will be a secret slit in the back cover that will contain a map that LEADS STRAIGHT TO THE SOURCE OF DUST!!!

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I DID IT!!! I FINALLY CAUGHT UP!!!! *throws party for herself*

At first, when they were talking about the Spectors, I thought "perhaps they were seeing other universes in the fog, and thought they were ghosts?" But then they go on to tell us they sucked the living out of the adults and... yeah, my theory flew out the window.

I agree- it's the details that are wonderful. Will leaving money, Lyra having to get clothes and washed to blend in (and the fact that she can't wash her hair). I am loving these scenes with the two of them together. And while I wish we had gotten a paragraph or two in Lyra's POV, I am really enjoying getting to know Will and what he's all about.

Another love- no sugarcoating. Lyra doesn't just instantly know how to act or behave or anything. She stays in her personification and she gets hit by a car. Awesome.

I'm sad that Will left the notebook behind because I get the sense we won't be back in World #2 for awhile, and I neeeeeed to know what the book says.

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Lots of info here in this second chapter. I couldn't help but think about how I wanted to get back to Lyra and Will :P

I can see waging war on the Church (in this book) as a good thing- if they back it up with specifics (cutting daemons, cutting organs, making zombis, torturing) not generalizations (they are bad), however..... I think Lord Asriel's plan to "destroy God"-- if that is indeed what he's planning on doing-- is taking it a bit too far. You can fight the institution without destroying the belief system-- or so I choose to believe. And with the witches taking his side on it, and Lyra being on the opposite side; hopefully Serafina will run into Lyra and get her side of the story before anything too catastrophic occurs.

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No. Just no. Do NOT support her in any way, whatsoever. Library library library. And hell, if you don't want to use the library, I sadly own the book (present... luckily the "bookmark" in it was money, so at least a part of the present was wanted) so anything you need looked up, just let me know and I can find the page number and whatnot for you. Just DO NOT SEND HER MONEY OR INCREASE HER SALES IN ANY WAY.

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Well folks, I read and read and read to catch up to Mark, and I'm almost there!! But for now, time to start The Subtle Knife.

Again, a forewarning. I have never read this series. I watched the movie a looong time ago, but like Mark, I only remember the Polar Bears. Plus, now that we've reached the second book, that's not even a problem anymore. I literally have NO CLUE what is about to happen. So as I comment throughout this book, just remember, I haven't read it, have no clue about anything. So if I accidentally say something that's going to happen later in the book, it is pure coincidence and just a random guess from myself, not an actual spoiler. You can point it out to the mods, but commenting back on my reply will not only point out to Mark that my random guess is a spoiler, but to me as well :(


1.) We won't see Lord Asriel right away. In fact, we won't run into him until the halfway mark, and that will be only spotting him. Lyra won't speak/run into/confront him until 3/4ths of the way in.
2.) There will be no daemons in this world. Pantalaimon will have to hide or pretend to be her pet
3.) Lyra will be very alone on this journey. She might make 1 or 2 allies, but for the most part she will be running/hiding/not have a large group of people with her.
4.) There will be a knife? And it will be used subtly?
5.) Lyra will stop Lord Asriel from destroying the dust, but something else bad will happen, that she has to stop or fix.
6.) This book will have more religion references than the first.

Whew. And now time to read Chapter 1...


Wow. Just, wow. What a way to open a sequel. I've already got questions--- What is in that book??? And how in the world is Lyra going to complete her quest when there are MULTIPLE WORLDS connected??? She has no clue which world Asriel could be in right now....

So far, I really like Will. I love his sense of responsibility, and that even when he's dead tired, he still makes sure things get done, and they do the "right" thing (leaving money in the till, cleaning up afterwards).

And yes- empty town= creeeepy.

I am heartbroken though that Moxie didn't find a way to come with. Alas poor Moxie, we only got to know you for such a short bit of time.

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Wow. Just... Wow.

Reading that last chapter... I seriously thought I was missing a few paragraphs out of my version. Coulter just..shows up? And they're embracing? SO MUCH CONFUSION!!! Glad to see it was actually written that way though.

Although I'm not as in love with the book as you are, Mark, it was still very very good. I'm not getting the sense that it was "written just for me", but it was an enjoyable read and I can't wait to get started on the second book. Perhaps this time I can actually keep up with you! :P (I say that every time, and I never do...)

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:( Lord Asriel is evil. I don't like being right :(

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Okay... so at the beginning of the series, I expressed my doubt of Lord Asriel. For some reason, there was something about him that was putting me off and I was extremely distrustful of him. Chapters later, when everyone kept talking about how awesome Asriel was... I finally retracted my statement and decided that perhaps Asriel was an alright guy.

But... now that we've spent time with him... I'm going back to my original feeling. There is something not right about Asriel. I don't like him, and I don't necessarily think he's on the "right" side of things. Or at least not on Lyra's side of things.

I don't know folks... I might be wiping egg off my face later, but I have a really really bad feeling about him...