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How is there an HDTV in a house that's apparently really really old? Am I missing something?

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I was kind of hoping they would make a parallel to White Nose Syndrome with that fungus. Or chytridiomycosis. There are actually a lot of flesh-eating fungii out there!

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I should keep up with this!


My cat's name is Lyra.

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Onboard the Black Pearl. ;D

Reminds me I need to go watch that movie.

I like your theory of duality though. Very interesting and I may watch out for more references of duality.

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Fringe, Firefly, Doctor Who, Buffy, Angel, X-Files, Avatar, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, I think they've got us covered.

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So. Now we need a bunch of gifs, all with different characters from different shows, all of them saying 'Voiced by Jason Isaacs".

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Does he do that then with Mark Reads?

I would be down with that!

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Yes it was that one, and I thought it was about people saying they're disappointed with a lack of double review. But maybe I misinterpreted.

And you know... I oftentimes think that Mark needs to write more than he does with even just a 20 minute episode. I have found him to on occasion summarize more than he opinionates and since we have all just watched the episode and have full knowledge of what is in it, I most eagerly await his opinions and his theories. That said, opinions and theories AS WELL AS summaries are also good and in order for Mark to do that he has to write more. Sometimes he seems to cut himself off in order to maintain a length. I want all of his thoughts!

Admittedly though, when I am watching something for the first time, I don't want to sit and write notes because I just want to experience. I feel like note taking is something you should do on a rewatch. So in my optimal universe, Mark would watch one time and maybe makes notes afterward, then watch a second time (yes I realize this is absurd because he has no time) and make specific notes about specific scenes. I am assuming that is what most of the rest of you are doing since you ARE rewatching.

If I were to be purely selfish about my wants from Mark, this is what they would be: longer reviews; more opinions.

My overall point is that I don't care how many episodes he reviews at once because I don't care about long reviews as long as they include as much of what he thinks as they can. I'd be more happy with a 6000 word review of Parts 1 and 2 rather than a 1000 word review of part 1 and 1000 word review of part 2 later on.

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Hm. I AM sad that Mark chose not to watch the two-parter in one day, especially since he mentioned watching episodes that aired together at the same time, but I do hope that just because we all seem disappointed he doesn't think we're criticizing him or actually demanding that he do something he doesn't want to do.

There is a post near the end of page 3 that had me thinking.

Sometimes I have noticed Mark getting upset over remarks people have that didn't strike me as that terrible or bad OR that were said with a light heart or jokingly. Maybe if someone threatened Mark with never reading his posts again if he didn't do what they asked I would see where he was getting his anger from.

Still, I do hope that all of us being silly about him watching the 2-parter over the weekend doesn't upset him.

Still. WAH. It's only 50 minutes! Doctor Who's were each 45 minutes long! Sherlocks were an hour and a half! Surely he has the time! ;P

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I know it is cliched, but Ozai. Spoilers!

I don't even love to hate Ozai. He's an abusive delusional bastard. That he screwed Zuko and Azula up so much is the least of his problems-- did he really want to exterminate an entire group of people because he couldn't force them to be Fire Nation?