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A few of us are still around.
I'd post here more but.. I don't really know what to post most of the time.

I'm doing ok. Not great, but not bad.
I've been keeping up with drawing often which is nice.

How are you doing Apex?

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Yay for stumbling randomly into places! :P

Thanks. I'm still feeling generally positive. Although I'm a bit worried that my mood will take another dive anytime now.. which also probably makes the chance of it happening increase. But.. for now.. positive! Happy. Trying to keep that mood going for as long as possible.
Thank you! It means a lot to hear that. <3 I'm going to try and put more hours into this and have some kind of daily routine so I hope my improvement moving forward picks up the pace a bit, and that I don't find myself progressing at a discouragingly slow speed still. I know learning art takes years, but I'm certain I could be learning faster than I have been and that's one of the main things that's upsetting me currently. My current positive mood and recent artwork are definitely helping but the increase in attention and a schedule should hopefully reduce that feeling. Receiving support from people helps too, and it's definitely appreciated. :)

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Thank you. :)

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The Main Seven!
Really happy with this one. Many hours of work, but still much less than it could have been.
My first time learning and adding perspective, drawing multiple characters in one scene and having a go at creating a magical effect.
Considering the time just one character can take me, the fact I've made 7 in less than x5 the length of that, while also doing those other things.. I'm a bit surprised how quick this took me. At least a third of the total time taken was understanding the perspective. I definitely have a big task ahead of me learning that art fundamental. Anyway uh.. here's the art! Enjoy! [Click picture for source and original size]

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You're welcome. :)
Heh, coming to this place was just a random decision. I remember talking or seeing Flare talk and hovering over his username. Seeing this place as one of his links I figured "yeah, I like Twilight, ok I'll take a look at this place."

That's good to hear. Nice that things are going smoothly. It doesn't always taste nice, but when it does I love tea. <3
I've been.. up and down. I don't think me talking about the "down" will be anything new that you've not heard me say before, and since I'm currently feeling at least a bit "up" I'd say I'm managing fairly alright.

I've been getting more focused into my artistic goals the last couple of months, and I'm feeling like I've recently started to make a bit more progress towards being an amateur artist instead of a beginner so that's making me happy.
Hopefully soon I'll have something to show for it on my DeviantArt. (And I'll also post all my "finished" art here too)

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I'm glad you managed to find fun and friendship here, and despite the apparent quietness, there's at least a few of us that are still around here.

You're very welcome, and thank you for being our friend Huskie. I do intend to keep up communication either here, or elsewhere, with the friends of TSR, so I also look forward to making more friendship chronicles moving ahead. <3

How are you?

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Thank you for being one of our friends Apex. :)

How are you?

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Thanks Ada. :)

"Mare Mayor" in their world is the same as being called "Woman Mayor" as a human name here.. it feels too weird for me.
(Also the name would be weird if she one day ended up not being the mayor anymore.)

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Hi Ada!
Yeah activity here dropped. I'm guessing most of the group started to focus on getting things done related to their lives, as well as forgetting to visit as much. I also feel like some of the group which may have lost interest in MLP started to feel as though they couldn't post here anymore just because of that. Which is incorrect.. this place is for friends, it doesn't matter if they're still actively fans of MLP or not.
Don't worry about forgetting about this place. It's ok. I myself have trouble remembering lots of things.
There is a bit more activity over in the TSR Skype group than there is here, but it's still not that much.
(I think you're in that Skype group already)

I wish I could say that things have changed for me over the years.. but sadly not much has.
Some good things, some bad things.. but I haven't really made much progress in life since I got here.
It's nice to hear you're doing creative stuff again. I hope that goes well, and yeah I'll check it out.

Yay Twilight figure! :P
Being able to get things overseas is nice, (but the shipping costs aren't) so I hope you don't have to wait too long for that.

You don't have to apologise for not being invested in something anymore, certain things stick with you and other things don't. It's just what happens.

If you're going to get back into drawing and photography then I wish you good luck in that. Creative things are worth the effort and it'd be great to see you get better at those things.

Comments around the internet, especially in places like Youtube, often are quite stupid.
I do my best to ignore them and only focus on the nice ones but we can all get angry at a comment sometimes.

We know you've not intentionally been inactive just to upset us. Inactivity happens.. some people do it more than others (myself included) and you don't need to feel so bad about it. It's ok, and you're welcome Ada! :)

I'm used to walls of text, so I don't mind.

Nice music! Actually bookmarking that. Always useful to have some good music to put on in the background while doing other things.
Here's some music in return. >

See you later. <3

ID forever!

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You're welcome, and yes me too.

That's nice to hear. Boo exams, but yay for finishing them!
I'm still struggling with making progress.. nailing down a better sleeping pattern is still my first main goal that I have yet to achieve.
Also the longer I go without being focused on improving with my artistic goals, (I don't "need" digital drawing for that but it really helps since it's easier to practice and that's the main kind of art I want to make) the more upset I feel. I do not like being in this current state where I'm learning/practising very little and I really want to sort out the digital drawing issues that appeared over 12 months ago and move towards more serious focus again. But, I'm rather nervous about even attempting to fix it and get it working again.. even though I know I have nothing to lose since putting it off won't produce any results anyway.
Sorry, but I couldn't think of a better way to express how I'm doing.

I am having some positive experience as well though. I may not be making a lot of progress but I am managing to keep up pony drawing practice on paper and that is quite nice and fun.

In summary.. I'm experiencing mostly negative feelings with a wire fence made up of a few positive feelings and general positivity to guard me from them. Wire fences have many holes, so some negative feelings often get through the gaps.

If I was to say whether I'm doing good or not though.. I'd say that I am doing ok. Mainly because I want to be positive, but also because despite those negative feelings I still feel relatively not bad.