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Happy New Year!
I hope it's a good one for us all.
At least better than the last.
I'm sure it's going to have it's own issues though, so stay strong.
We'll make it through. <3

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Happy Hearths Warming to you all! :)

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Nice that you managed to find a way around the issue. Still I hope that problem gets sorted out.
I certainly hope the same doesn't start happening for me too.

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Assuming this reply goes through.. no I don't appear to be having trouble posting here.

Perhaps there's something going on with IntenseDebate?
Hopefully it gets sorted out and the issues stop happening.

I remember years ago having some kind of issue with accounts/posting here. Like.. I had another account at some point.
Not sure if this is that alternate account or the original.

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It's nice but I really could do with more of that feeling of progress on a more regular basis.
" if you put in the work you’ll be rewarded"
Exactly. I'm NOT putting in the work/effort. I want to but.. it's a real struggle for me.

Thanks. Yeah it's hard.. really hard.
For now I'm managing so I probably won't talk about it more. If that changes though, then I might.
Hopefully it won't get worse to handle.

I think I need a better way to cope with stress. Procrastinating important things because they and/or I are stressful/stressed.. might briefly help.. but then I get more stressed because I spent too long procrastinating when I could have got multiple things done.. and it just gets harder and spirals out of control.
I need to just do things, even if they're stressful.. at least then they're done and I can actually have some stress reduction. That push to just do stuff regardless of how I feel though.. that is a very tough push for me to give myself. I don't even know how I manage to do it sometimes, but I want to be able to do it all the time.

I shouldn't stay this down/stressed/upset/despaired for much longer.
Right now I'm feeling a whole lot of that.. but I'll get back to feeling better soon.
It can't last forever.

Thanks for the encouragement. It helps.

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Yeah, it's nice that it's not completely silent.
I too wonder what Bandy's up to. I hope he's alright though.

Sounds good. I certainly won't discourage from more posting.

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That's fine. It happens.
I've been having to distract myself a lot to avoid thinking about things that aren't nice at all.
But.. it's so distracting that I'm having trouble getting anything done. So.. it's a hard balance to get right.

I've still been talking to them, yeah. It's not frequent, but it's better than nothing.

Things are... well they could be better.
I'm starting to feel stuck in my art learning progression again. I'm still practicing every day and recently I've been focused on a potential better way to draw muzzles so that they look more 3d.. so I could actually be progressing.. at least a little bit. But overall it's still starting to "feel" like I'm barely moving forward.

And my worry for a friend's health has recently increased by about 500%... so that's making everything more difficult. I won't spend long talking about it.. or it will just bring me down even more, but not only have they still got at least one symptom of the virus.. a really sore throat.. they've also just had a test at the doctor's and there's a possibility they could have a serious health issue that will affect them more as they get older. (Not related to the virus though)
Also they almost collapsed recently.. and they've been having aches and other sensations in/around their heart.
I think the most likely cause of that is the very large amount of stress they have because of all the work they're trying to do. (As well as all the stress caused by their health situation at the moment.) I've told them to stop overworking themselves, and they know.. they're trying to cut down on it. But it's hard for them because that work means so much to them. Some of it they've worked for years to reach certain positions.
They're making an effort to dial things back though, so that's good.

So yeah.. you can see why I've been.. very, very scared for their health recently. I care about them so much.. and I can't bear to hear them going through all this.

Despite all that, I've recently found a surprisingly effective way to stop my crippling worry for them from affecting me by really taking note of how pointless it is to worry like that. I accept that I might feel all that worry when I hear about it because that's natural.. but 10-20 minutes afterwards.. there's no need to keep feeling that worry.. it's not going to help them in any way. In fact knowing I'm going through that much worry will only make them feel worse. So.. that's been helping me to keep the worry at bay. It's either working.. or I'm just being really effective at deluding myself. Here's hoping it's the first one though.

In summary.. I'm have a darn hard time right now.. but I'm managing.. barely.
Just.. continuing to try and be as positive as possible.

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Yeah I try to check in here every day. It's just one of the few bookmarks I've got at the top of the browser and I like to cycle through them when I first turn the laptop on, or close to when I turn it off.
Not that I ever have much to say.. but I check regardless. Sometimes there's a reply from someone, or I'll suddenly get the urge to post something.

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*the void pokes back*