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miss this place....

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Great idea Dave. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the website , but it is a social networking site focused on business; a professional "Facebook" if you will. I think that would be a great way to get started....

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Thanks's looking like it is going to be a pain for the next few months....but the resilient bastard in me will prevail!

And I agree....I'm just disappointed to see some familiar friends arguing like this.

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Been absent a while...very busy with moving and remodeling. What's up with everyone going at each others throats?

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I totally agree. Regardless of your views on Beck, how does preventing him from getting a key to the city benefit the black community? He is not a racist. However, he is a critic, and a commentator. So basically the NAACP is saying if you even criticize a black person we are coming after you.

Perhaps it would be more beneficial for the NAACP to keep blacks out of prison. The black community roughly makes up 15% of the entire population, and 40% of the prison population. But obviously that is not on the top of their priorities list.

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L4S, I agree with you on the issue of AJ, he can say whatever he wants, I don't care. As the old saying goes, that's why there are 2 knobs on the radio.

But I don't agree with the way you present your arguments. We are all on the same side. Being impolite, and demeaning of others does not help you get your point across, more so it hinders it. Your statement "I'm here to present the voice of reason.." is as oxy-moronic as they come. I went to your profile and read most of your recent posts, and the majority of them were mostly you telling other people why they are wrong in a not-so-gracious-manner. You didn't present any points of consideration not already known by many, and I am starting to get the impression that although you are intelligent and passionate for your beliefs, and you have proven so, you also like to debate to debate.

Mind you, I have no and do not desire any grievance with you. I agree with you on things, just as I agree with others who disagree with you on things, which is my right, as it is yours. I just believe it can be done without being hateful.

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yes, sorry...All of the other search engine's are commemorating 9/11. Google is not. However, if it is Valentine's Day, or St. Patricks Day, or Google's birthday, they pay homage 100%.

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I will no longer be searching with was the final straw. Visit &, then Google. You'll see why.

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The thing I loved about Bush was he wasn't your stereotypical politician.