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You know, after reading transcripts of Sarah Palin's TV appearances, I am left wondering whether or not the people of Alaska had ever heard her speak before they voted her into office. Seriously - I have yet to come across a single coherent thought. And John McCain and crew must have been thinking with parts of their bodies other than their brains if they came away from the vetting interviews enchanted with Caribou Barbie. It still makes me shudder to think that they thought that she was competent enough to take over the White House if the old man had shuffled off of this mortal coil whilst in office. Thank Jeebus we never got the opportunity to find out.

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There is nothing which cannot be temporarily fixed with a spoonful of any type of Graeter's (but Black Raspberry Chip has been known to have extraordinary superpowers).

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This wins the comments, today!

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I favor capturing and releasing into the wild (i.e. out my back door).

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Vile Little Snark Mobs are the best kind of mobs. Wonkette Rules!

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I am certain that Jeebus intended Bristol Palin's purpose in life to be the negative example other teens live in fear of becoming.

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I'm hoping that Ms. Birch will gather a group of the theatre students to sing You Have to Be Carefully Taught under Principal Smith's bedroom window at oh, say, 3AM.

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Help! Help! They're being repressed!

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Are you sure this isn't something from Despair, Inc.? There's just a very strong wish on my part to see this as misguided satire, rather than an endorsement of genocide - it's been hard enough to raise my head out of the covers in the last 48 hours.

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That's wonderful news, EQ - congratulations! I hope that you and your spouse had many tall, cool drinks to make up for having to engage with teh stoopids.