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Einstein: Indeed, he wasn't observant as, in fact, some Jews have tried to suggest. So what is it about the Talmud? Riddles? If you are familiar with any of his work, you know how idiosyncratic was his thinking. Recall, for example, the principle of equivalence re: an accelerating space elevator and standing on a massive body like Earth, i.e. in a curved spacetime field. I think standing inside a rotating cylinder, with the vector of centripetal acceleration pointed from the circumference to the axis, would qualify, too.

Anyhow, the Muhammadans, if they have their way, will plunge humanity into darkness that will be difficult to dispell.

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"arrogant" ...I know this accusation. Just 5 minutes ago I was accused of it by a bigoted and very irrational 64 yr old woman. I had asked her why the Obamacrats are resorting to strong arm tactics such as those on display in the quarreling about the proposed health care reform.

Well, she accused me of being a Republican (I'm not), of being from the wealthy north shore suburbs (but I grew up in an iffy neighborhood of Detroit), of being sympatheic to the big insurance companies (but health care reform should start with, "why don't we check to see if laws have been rigged for the past 40-50 for the benefit of the insurance companies?"), and on and on it went, one well-poisoning attack after another, with her defensiveness, and so on.

So I told her to grow up, as I usually do to such older females who have no right whatsoever to the term "woman". Muhammadans need to be told the same thing, and if they won't grow up, then free people have a right to intervene given the crimes they plan. (If they were just heroin addicts about to die from overdose, I don't think the right to intervene would exist.) The challenge of the intervention is to do so without making the state any bigger or more intrusive than it is.

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If only it read there, "Muslims living in the West also expressed a 'comprehension' of the attacks and their motivations, namely that the attacks and their motivations were consistent with what is prescribed by Islam and regularly preached in the masjids throughout the world, including those in the West, and in Fairfax, VA, in particular."

Another statement was revealing: "Norquist, whose Islamic Institute....."

I wasn't aware that he had such an institute. It didn't show up in the reason article I mentioned in response to MrsJ's comment in a thread begun by Hugh. ("Grover Norquist must have converted to Islam."

"Norquist, whose Islamic Institute..."

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I submitted the following message at

"Please address this:

(1) Is Norquist a Quisling for the Muhammadans as believed by David Horowitz and suspected by Robert Spencer?
(2) Is Norquist personally involved in the Muhammadans' conspiracy to menace and threaten, to assault, to extort, to batter, to falsely imprison, and to kill?
(3) If "yes" to either (1) or (2), will you still permit him to speak at RONC so that he can explain hisself? If "yes" will you embarass him?
(4) Will any of the speakers at RONC cross examine him to find out?



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Indeed, the RONC ought to finger Grover for his dalliances with Islamists...provided that they are unsavory, motived by a desire to be an apologist for Islam, tending toward connivance of lesser jihadism, etc.

Yet bear in mind that the modern conservative movement is "a daisy chain of epicene dissemblers and vampiric chickenhaws". The quote is courtesy of a regular contributor to The American Conservative, a magazine which editors are confused about Islam. Buchanan thinks that if you just leave the Muhammadan alone, then he'll pay you back with nonmolestation.

Further, we should be wary of playing "[g]uilt-by-association games" when discussing Norquest. Could it be that he fanices hisself a kind of double agent for liberty who pretends to be tolerant of Islam around his wife, Islamic friends and relatives, the arrested ones, etc....and yet who is Islam's inveterate enemy? who is working his way into the masjid's black hearts to help expose the Islamic conspiracy of crimes?

Well, maybe not.

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You might be entertained to learn that about a year ago as I recall Norquist was interviewd by 'reason' magazine, a libertarian magazine the editorial slant of which is, well, adolescent. (They are preoccupied with pot, porn, etc.)

There was a large picture of Grover holding a bottle of booze. The bottle was shaped like a Tommygun.

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The Koran is supposed to be eternal, right? So it could it have been dispensed to Moses in lieu of what he received. Clearly it was not; the whole character and structure of Israelitic scripture differs from the Koran's which, at best, cherry picks a few names, mentions a few stories, but, of course, doesn't tell the stories. Noah comes to mind here. Is the Koran perfect? Then what was dispensed earlier must not be perfect even if the Israelites preserved perfectly what they were given (and provided we rule out the possibility of two different yet perfect sets of scriptures...but if not, then what's wrong with what the Jews have).

Plainly, Islam is a hoax...a businessman's scam, and we've only just begin to ferret out its absurdities. It should be a slam dunk for a skilled speaker to knock it down. Funny that today's leftists flock to it like flies. Neonazis, too, and that in spite of the fact that Islam is not fascism, for it's just Islam.

Yet, what is Allah if not a bodiless Hitler?

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If Halabi (aka Kotham and Muhammad) had been interested in religion and were sensible, he'd have said something like “Gabriel, Allah could have dispensed the K to my ancestors but did not. Well, why not? Clearly, Gabriel, your master is negligent, so tell Allah, or whatever it's real name is, to pound sand. Say, Gabriel, are you 'Allah'?”

Yet Halabi was a go-getter who could smell an opportunity for honors and riches when it was near.

And what about Yeshua? Was he a believer? Muslims claim he was, but let's consider the implications. Why wasn't the Koran dispensed to him? It was in existence in Allah's heaven, right? Why the Gospels, instead, which weren't even authored by Yeshua? Whatever the case, Y must have gotten his Islam from Israelitic scripture, e.g. the Septuagint. Muslims need to prove that such scripture was corrupted b/t the life of Y and 610.

If he had been a Muslim, then what's wrong the the core of Israelitic scripture? Of course, we can show that what we have today is substantially like what Y had, the Christian testament notwithstanding.

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You've probably noticed that in the K. Allah switches back and forth from 1st pers sing. to 1st pers. pl. to 1ps, again. That's interesting, but one can find the same contrast when comparing Elohim (Bere. 1) to El Gibbor, El Olam, etc. And who ever heard of a Muslim writing something like Einstein's papers? or being humourous in other than a malevolent or arrogant way?

It seems the Germans you reference are cutting off their noses to spite Epistemology, and others. Their ancestors, too, were probably idiots 120+ yrs ago when the Prussians were taking over, imposing the nanny state, and paving the road to Versailles, to the centralizing Wiemar constitution, and to the Hitlerist takeover.

It shouldn't take forever to knock the nonsense out of the Doitchlanders' heads, however, even if they are stubbornly irrational. Consider just one verse from K 76. “We have prepared chains, collars, and a blazing fire for unbelievers”, or something like that. OK, so what about Muhammad's grandparents, greatgrandparents, etc. Most or all were unbelievers, right? So they are in chains, collars, and blazing fire. So Allah is malevolent.

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Ah, yes, the affable homeboy approach. They are marketing and pr hacks, no?Ranting demagogues, too. Well, my German is not quite good enough to place his accent and, indeed, never has been. Nor is my connection very good, which means I haven't watched the whole video yet. "Die Kundgebung in München, Teil 1", correct?

Still, what I find amazing is the fact that any person, esp. someone from a Xian background as are so many Germans, could find Islam appealing. Or even interesting as an intellectual subject. The Koran is tediously repetitive and if there's any philosophical content in Islam that one cannot find in the Israelitic scriptures, well, I'm unaware of what that is. If one needs guidance for daily living, there are nonsynoptic works like Mishle which even a nonworshipper can read with profit while also learning something useful about fallacies, e.g of composition, that is lost on most atheists.