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The CIA maybe more successful with polar bears than they are with terrorists . I wish they concentrate their effort on the animals and hire some Mossad to take care of the terrorist problem
It would a fast , simple and efficient solution to the problem

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It says it all. They cannot argue, their only weapon are death and threats. As long as they stay out of this country and practice their deadly religion between them , it is ok but the day when they try to plant their crazy ideas in the brain of our children < we must keep fighting and more important educate other people about the danger of this religion

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Yes Europe is sleeping but it is still govern by people who understand the problem of Islam.
America is in more danger than Europe now . It has a president who claims to be a christian but who is really a Muslim at heart
Read his own words

From Audacity of Hope:'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'

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taking pictures , videos. and going to Canada or elsewhere is nothing new. A lot of others supposed peaceful Muslims are doing the same thing and get away with it
I think it depends of the state where you are living in. . Georgia might be a little smarter about it.
This should be the reason why Smart Extremists are coming to Tennessee.
If they have money , they can buy their way around suspicion and arrest ,and if they are poor , the churches will take care of them.


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unfortunately , the reality is ... Obama is the leader. and he is taking this country down at a high speed. The way down started with Bush caving to the Saudis but now Obama is pushing on the accelerator

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The Germans are deaf..... and in denial

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no I dont think it is because of Israel. It is because of the attitude
of the Jews in Europe . Instead of joining the anti Islam groups ,
most of them are on the side of the immigrants. Look at the name of
the lawyers defending the arabs and helping associations pro Islam
under the cover of racism.

To me and this is a personal feeling, the Germans sound like they have
been drugged .or blinded. I was told that even the government is
scared of the immigrants.

I must say that the situation is worse in big cities than it is in
smaller places. It is a shame

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We need a new allience of Western style liberal democraties to deal successfully with the green fascism of Islam as we did with the red fascism during the Cold War.

yes we do and it might start by finding people in each country willing to start the fight.
Communist . socialist and right wing in France came to an agreement against the Burqua. It is a start. Recently in Germany , I heard some people saying,,,,,,,, about the Turkish silent invasion of their country........."Why should we fight, even the Jews are giving up "

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Bien contente de savoir que vous avez vecu 24 en France.
Alors . vous avez pu constater vous meme la pousse islamique , une poussee silencieuse. ville par ville . hameau par hameau.
Si la France differe de l'Amerique dans ce sens qu'elle doit faire face au probleme des habitants de ses colonies. il n'en reste pas moins que l'indifference du gouvernement pendant des annees est la racine de tous les problemes actuels.
La creation des associations dans le genre Touche pas a mon pot contribue au malaise.

Outre les Harkis qui se sont etablis en France apres la guerre d"Algerie, et qui ont pour la plupart ete mal recus , les Musulmans de France ont pris un pouvoir tres difficile a controler maintenant.

C'est tout a fait regrettable que ce soit un communiste Andre Gerin qui ait le courage de proposer une loi sur le Burqua. Il faut dire que c'est l'hopital qui se moque de la charite car il vient d'une region ou le probleme maghrebin est incontrole.
Mais au moins il essaie de commencer quelquechose dans la bonne direction.

Le gouvernement Sarkozy jusqu a present s'est montre tres relax et a tres mal commence son regne en nommant Rachida Dati comme garde des sceaux.
Paris n'est plus Paris . je reviens  d'Allemagne ou la situation est pire. L'aeroport de Frankfort et ses hotels sont geres par une majorite musulmane.
Nice a plus de mosquees que  d'eglises.
Les ecoles musulmanes fleurissent partout.
Si les permis de construire etaient refuse, si l'enseignement de l'islam etait interdit sur le sol francais, si les peines maximales etaient donnees aux casseurs, si les frontieres etaient controlees et refoulent les non desires. la France aurait un autre visage.
Le fait que le gouvernement ait baisse les bras depuis si longtemps  a ouvert la porte a tous les exces que nous voyons aujourdh ui.
  Bien a vous

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France is on the verge to ban the burqua. Is any politician in MrsBoyd 's state willing to introduce such a law?
As long as politicians are going to ignore the danger. Mrs Boyd specimen are going to flourish.
With the Obama administration, nothing will be done either . IT is up to the people in each state to get together and stop the disease.