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May the healing Power of Jesus Christ return freshness and health back to little Joana's body, and confound the grave verdict of the learned physicians. May the presence of God abide with John and his family (Amen)

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If just one fairly moderate muslim woman can prove this disruptive, just imagine what would happen when Islamic revolution finally kicks-in in the western world. And believe it or not, the rapidly growing muslim populations in Europe and US will ultimately lead to chaos of unimaginable proportions.
This woman's illogical rantings further illustrates that Islam is a form of madness and a mental condition in which good becomes evil and evil is seen as good. Islam is surely from hell.

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The world needs Father Butros alive. Hell and Muslims are seething with rage and would do anything just to see him dead. May the Lord of Host keep this saint alive and save many more soul's from the grip of Islam's Satanic spell.

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It's a contingency plan to lay claim to Jerusalem (the city of David), Just like the fake "dome of the rock" where muslim claim that, centuries ago, mohamet used to tie his carmel (his girl friend) there.

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Yaaaaawwwwnnn! Ignorant Allah-tard!

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Quotation - ".......... Adam, whose real name is being withheld to protect his safety, is now enrolled in a rehabilitation programme for would-be terrorists.

The scheme is a blueprint for a nationwide “detoxification” programme backed by the Home Office and police chiefs to which 200 people — some as young 13 — have been referred......"

UK Home Office needs to be educated about how Islam works. It is impossible to rehabilitate a "would be terrorist" or to give him "detoxification" shots that would work without making the terrorist to first change his Muslim faith. Islamic terrorism is not some kind of swine flu that could just be quarantined and cured. Any attempt to cure terrorism in Islam with some "share-the-love Sunday School" programme would distort the Koranic faith. Such programmes would either be met with resistance or by deceptive compliance by the would be detox-subject. By establishing detox cells all over Britain, the Home office is only unwittingly acceding to one of the fundamental demands of Islam in the British society, which is preferential treatment and stealth control over state policies. This is just part of the early beginnings. The terrorist master minds in UK are very determined and will not relent in the face of soft handed approach. What about working to create laws that would make terrorists and hate preachers lose their UK citizenship because they are traitors of the UK? What about deporting the miscreants back to whatever hole they crawled out from? While I am not contesting accounts given by "Adam", but at 15, I believe "Adam" is probably too young to realize that there is nothing like moderate muslims or radicalized Islam. The UK home office needs to get better education.

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"..............when an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hits them."

Even disasters like earth quake and cholera outbreak would be Ziono-American conspiracies to imperil the lives of Allah's slaves.

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"Convinced that the Obama administration is preparing to retreat from the Middle East, Iran's Khomeinist regime is intensifying its goal of regional domination..."

While I totally abhor Obama's Middle East policy, I think the silver lining in this trend might be that that Iran's outright push for dominion over it's fellow Islamic countries would more reveal the feudal acrimony that runs very deep amongst Islamic regimes and the hypocrisy of the so called "muslim brotherhood". Also Iran is a poor country and would be biting more than it could chew if it tries to start pulling the strings across the Middle East. I believe this posturing could more than anything else rapidly result in the collapse of the government in Tehran (and host of other ricochet effects which may be positive or negative to world peace) Without any doubt the backlash of Iranian agenda will more likely lead to a self destruction scenario.

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If Obama would be crazy enough to tell Israel to give up it's nuclear arsenal, Bibi should tell him to get lost. For the west's survival, the west probably need Israel more than Israel needs the west. I have a bad gut feeling which tells me that the only way to stop Iran's nuclear ambition is to invade Iran in an Iraqi invasion style. It could be nasty but that certainly is the only way. The only other option is to accept Iran's nuclear drive (%%$^%#^!!). At this point in Iran's nuclear programme, a thousand sanction and 100million outstretched hands of friendship will not deter the Islamic republic.

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Allahu Akbar! A martyr just got blown home!