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Bosnia was the beginning of the fight the west is in against Islamization, it all started in Bosnia. I don't understand why our governments continue to cover this up.

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UN imports jihad in Bosnia

Jihad in Kosovo

The Islamic Declaration, former Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic wrote, “There can be no peace or coexistence between Islamic faith and non-Islamic faith political institutions....The Islamic movement must and can take place as soon as it is morally and numerically strong enough, not only to destroy the non-Islamic one, but to build up a new Islamic one.”

Serbians were heroes fighting against Islamic imperialism in Bosnia, and Kosovo. Muslims were raping, murdering, cutting off genitals, cutting off heads, and skinning Serbians. The Serbians were fighting for their homes and families, most of the things the Serbians did, which we love to hold over their heads, was to fight fire with fire to teach the Muslims not to do these things to them. How do Christians fight such horrors, not from a cockpit, but in your backyard? Serbians are Christians, I'd say ask a Serbian, because the way things are going this is coming to a backyard near you.

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Here is a quote from a Serbian friend of mine.

"After all said and done, I still get told what genocidal maniacs us Serbs are. Please, then, help us get the truth outthere!
And may God bless you...."

Maybe this is a start

Does this make you want to puke?

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For sure it is time to for Militia, like all citizens I've got a lot on my plate, but the time is now to start organizing. , thanks we are probably all in several states, but I can cover a few blades out here in California who knows maybe we can get something started.

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"You have referred me to a web page dealing with Shia practices. I can not comment on what they do and believe as there are very many things they do that are very clearly not allowed by the Prophet."

Why are you telling lies? None of the countries listed are Shia. Don't lie just because you can't deal with the question.

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"The United States of America over the last twenty years. "

In respect to this evidence, which you pose in rebuttal I'd say that the time frame is awfully narrow to allay my concerns, in addition our Islamic population being at about 1.6% hardly quantifies this as a great example for, "Muslims, and non-Muslims living together in peaceful perpetuity in a multi-cultural society."

If you could explain the context of this treatment of Christians in Islamic countries to answer my concerns in regards to this issue, I'd happily live my life, and just go on forgetting about all of this mess.

<a href="" target="_blank">

Please don't call me stupid, because this doesn't help your situation here, I'd be fine with just cussing you out as well.

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Interesting that you should be using a perpetual motion device as your engineering equivocator to a social issue like the integration of Islam into a non-Islamic society. I'd say it is a close call, based upon all of the inherent physical realities which make perpetual motion impossible. This could get pretty deep we could make an analysis between the physics of perpetual motion and Islamic doctrine in a comparative analysis, but I'm at work ... it could be fun, maybe later.

I'm unable to post relies anymore, by the way.

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"One is an engineering problem with probably thousands of variables that are quantifiable and solvable."

There is only one engineering problem here, and this is the implied assertion, which claims Muslims, and non-Muslims can live together in peaceful perpetuity in a multi-cultural society. Where did you get the hitorical evidence to support such a claim? Muslims will always treat non-Muslims as second class citizens. This is the only social "engineering problem" at issue here. No immigration, no aid, no trade, I wouldn't even allow communication to these places. This is a simple engineering solution. No Islam = peace for Christians.

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"We cannot get around it. We must intensify the dialogue and the negotiations with the Taliban if we want to have peace in Afghanistan, because we cannot eliminate the enemy,"

What choice do we have? How can we expect to be able to combat Islamic jihad in Pakistan, and Afghanistan when we can't even attack terror training camps built by Pakistanis right on our own soil? It is just, so ridiculous that we expect Afghanis, and Pakistanis to help us kill Muslim jihadis, when we can't even kill them ourselves when they openly train and build terror camps right here. We are so far from actually fighting this war on a scale that is realistic it is sad. Doesn't anyone else see this as a bit odd?

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The real hypocrisy here is that we ask Pakistan to attack their terror training camps in Pakistan, but we will not even bomb the ones they are building have right here? Does that seem weird to to anyone else but me? I wonder if they practice Sharia law on these camps?