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"I want you to be free to do whatever I want."

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I'm shoveling vodka and Vicodin into my head right now. Okay it's YooHoo and potato chips. But I'm pretending has hard as I can.

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Now that Obama has been re-elected, why is he dragging his feet on destroying the country?

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There is no excuse for not having a tiger in every classroom. Do you people not care about your children? Shame on you Obama!

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Now that we have more women in the House, I guess we need a bigger douchebag to lead it.

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Also, how do you go about kicking an all-powerful God out of schools? Do they have guards that stand around, and if they sense God coming near they go "Shoo! Shoo! Bad God! Shoo!" or even, in Southern Parlance "Getonouttaheah"?

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HA! I would like to point out that something happened in Louisiana that does not make us look like a bunch of knuckle-dragging morons. And for those of you who would claim that New Orleans is not Louisiana, I refer you to a MAP. So let it be known that our school district has stood up and made the bold proclamation that no, we will not just go around teaching a religious doctrine in our public schools. Which begs the question, why is that even a question?

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You don't fucking say. I'm diagnosed with a mental illness, and I really don't think I should have to be on some national registry that could easily be used against me in the future in other ways just so some gun worshiping tiny dicked douchebags can have semi automatic rifles to make them feel powerful. Fuck those people.

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How about a national registry bullies. If you've ever beat up another kid in school or hit someone without provocation, or been guilty even of vocal harassment, no guns for you. That would probably take a shitload of guns out of circulation, now wouldn't it?

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"He feels powerless because he has lived in an over-bureaucratized society, one run ultimately from a far-away central location."

Well if by "centralized location" you mean the Koch Brothers' lair deep beneath the crust of the earth, which is guarded by giant Ann Coulter dragons and surrounded by a moat of hot semen, then I can get see what he's getting at.

Also maybe male power is defined in our society in terms of violence.