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Emile Hirsch makes some interesting career choices. But honestly I would watch him in a fucking live action Chuck E. Cheese movie. HOT. PIECE.

Baz Luhrmann and Emile would be way more awesome.

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Nooooooo Aronofsky's mustache is fantastic. mustache or death I say.

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omgggg your user name made me laugh.

Also, if it makes you feel any better, when I saw the movie there was a fight about 20 minutes in. Two guys got up and just started throwing punches and calling each other bitch.

It was lame but probably still less annoying than 13 year olds talking nonstop.

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This movie is a fucking revelation.

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this is one of the ugliest fucking things I have ever seen.

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Haaaa I totally own this movie. But it's more because I like the look of it than because I think it's a good movie. Sometimes I will just put it on and mute it and have it be like...moving art or something. I do the same thing with Alfie starring Jude Law.

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hahaha seriously!! Disney is the studio behind G-FORCE. That movie looks SO BAD and horrible and gross. Likeeeeee....that movie will take wtf to a whole new level. I am sure.

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I got burned by that IMAX digital shit when I saw Watchmen. It was lame but I've learned my lesson and moved on.

I'm more annoyed by this IMAX CEO motherfucker and his comments. First of all, 2% seems like some arbitrary number that he pulled out of his ass. Second, I don't know why he's treating moviegoers like we are dumb fuckers going a da da da da in the background. Third, I don't understand why he just won't be totally upfront about what's going on. It would end the uproar, people will still pay to see IMAX digital (probably at the same price, too) and the world will go on.

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"I'm afraid i just blue myself"
"There's got to be a better way to say that"

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My Bloody Valentine 3D... that movie says the word Sarah 72 times in 100 minutes. I saw it a second time in theaters just to do a count. Maybe I only noticed it because that's my name but whatever. 72 times in 100 minutes seems excessive.

As for Outlander...that movie is hilariously baffling. I was the only one in the theater when I saw it and I was just dying. And, if you think about it, it only made $166,000 so my $10 was 0.00006% of it's box office total. Maybe. I'm really bad at math.

Fanboys could have been SO MUCH MORE awesome. But Jay Baruchel is great in it.