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How can I "continue to insist" something that I never said? It's not that I don't think an amazing Friday the 13th is possible. It's that I don't expect it, nor do I care to ever receive it.

This film isn't much less than what it should be. It's exactly what it should be. It delivers in all respects that the previous films did.

You know what's shoddy film criticism? Holding a film to your own personal standards of what it should be rather than acknowledging whether or not it accomplished what it was trying to; or in the case of a series/franchise, holds itself to the same standard of quality as prior films. The new Friday the 13th most certainly does both of these things. To many, that's not necessarily a good thing (after all, the F13th series doesn't strive to accomplish a whole lot), but that's not even what you're arguing.

And what are you arguing exactly? That because the movie wasn't an instant horror classic (or to instead use your words - "an amazing F13th") in the exact same vein as the '80s originals, it's a failure and a disappointment? ...And you're accusing ME of shoddy film criticism? ...Really?

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No, actually, the burger and fries pretty much taste the same. For the most part.

Your problem with the new Friday the 13th is that it was made now. '80s slasher flicks had a very specific style and charm, and certain people have come to love them for that. You're clearly one of them. And that's wonderful. I'm one of them too.

But it's 2009 now, and cinema has changed. You're basically mad that the new Friday the 13th wasn't an '80s slasher flick. The characters look and act different. The kills look more real. The style and atmosphere has changed.

Yeah, no shit. It's not the '80s anymore. So if that's what you're looking for, why did you even bother watching the remake? You were guaranteed to hate it from the start. Everything you wrote in that 2,000 word essay all but confirms that.

And no, I wasn't basically saying, "You like movies that suck. This movie sucks. Shut up." I actually liked the movie, and I also like the original Friday the 13th films. But I'm not delusional. They're NOT good films. The only real notable difference between the remake and the original films is the time period in which they were made, and that appears to be why you dislike the new film so much.

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It's all an elaborate conspiracy because I'm a total racist.

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Those food and music analogies don't actually explain what it is that you think I'm wrong about. They're basically just cleverly constructed ways of saying, "You're wrong."

How is the remake a weaker film than pretty much ANY of the previous entries in the franchise?

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Nice completely unsubstantiated and wholly unnecessary jab at me. Thanks.

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Two words: After Dark

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By all means, please do. Just because *I* have no interest in watching Defiance, that doesn't mean I'm telling other people that they shouldn't either.

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Can't wait! Looks even funnier than the first!

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We already discussed that in the main review episode.

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Ok, so yeah, I was right. The creatures origin makes absolutely no logical sense. That explanation was thrown in to justify the unnecessary addition of monsters in the film.

And yeah, I get that Quaid suffering from pandorum was what lead to the beginning of the film, but the opening and the ending were the only aspects of the movie that the pandorum subplot were even relevant to. It had practically nothing to do with the rest of the film.

From a storytelling standpoint, Pandorum was a huge bust.