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"While the movies are all predictable, at least they try to be creative. This one did not. If you fail to see that, you aren't a fan of the series... so I guess this movie is for you?"

I agree. Call it stupid- Call it morbid- But half the fun was seeing how victims would get wasted in new ways. The reboot didn't have any surprising kills.

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"I don’t care about Ripley, I want to know about the Aliens..."

So he doesn't care about the human element to the Alien franchise?
Terrific- Give him the gig. Sounds like another winner, Fox.

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I've been a bit worried that the Robocop reboot/sequel is going to fall the way of Aronofsky's Batman idea, and he's going to back-out... I just hope that the studio gives him creative freedom, because if they MUST remake it, I want to see his vision.

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There's something morbidly funny about that Azharuddin Ismail news being followed by that extremely happy photo of John Lasseter.

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Exactly! How is that a reward?

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Darren Lynn Bousman looks a bit like JJ Abrams... No flame intended, as I would never compare the talent of the two... Maybe it's just the glasses.

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I would love to see a mo-cap movie like Beowulf, considering the movie would probably be so fantastical... This process would also allow Lobo the proper bulk, as well as a very fitting voice along the lines of Brad Garrett, like the animated Bruce Timm version.

Director? Hmm, maybe Guillermo Del Toro, hopefully getting back to his funny, R-rated disposition of Blade 2 (of course, this would come after his umpteenth project already in development)... Or, for a character lesser-known to the general public, they might have better luck getting a lesser-known director, like Louis Letterier, who stated his excitement to do another superhero film after The Incredible Hulk (of course, this would bring into question his devotion to Marvel) ...

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Tell me about it... Looking at photos of some of the other guys, they look flat-out scrawny... And I know that a director can take liberties, but I can't picture Thor without at least SOME bulk... Still, I guess I never thought it possible to see Jake Gyllenhaal beef up that much for Prince of Persia... All that aside, I mainly hope that Thor is established so that he can fit naturally into The Avengers movie.

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Well the label was on both a kiddy toy, as well as a higher-end collectible... *shrug* ... Still, I sure hope you're right.