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Fuck Islam, there a bunch of pussies.. And to the DOJ, your a bunch of pussies too....

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l4s, you have been here since day 1, you dont have to leave, nor do i want you to. the new posters are the ones im watching, they seem to be the shit stirrers around here....

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He has been banned, I'm watching all posts and if I see more personal attacks, posting personal info, I will ban the offender. I hate to have to do this, but someone needs to be an adult here

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im not spooked, but this alinsky hero has more email addys than i can count, ive blocked ips and email addys everyday, he keeps getting thru.. and the bickering between roger, yourself and wte is becoming epically stupid.. oh and i cant forget hiplainsdrifter.. its getting beyond childish here, i have even debated closing the vent and the site all together.. i dont know what im going to do, but something needs to be done

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im going to install a real forum on this site.. the wordpress/intense debate is terrible at swatting trolls.. also i have decided to start banning people who are just plain abusive to other users, aka alinsky hero and a few others i have been watching. i know i said before its an open site and anyone can post as long as they are civil with each other, well that hasent been happening. so i am going to start banning trolls, they server no purpose other than to harrass people with dumb ass comments about not having girlfriends and calling each other queer. i havent seen behavior like this since kindergarten. if you dont like the changes, well.. dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya

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want to see what America will look like in the future? Look at what Egypt is going thru...we will be there soon I fear, a dictator taking over and riots in the street

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with the outcome of the election, it is clear to me that even with 92 % of precincts in America voting for Romney, a small stranglehold of progressives/socialists in the big cities shall forever decide our fate.. i am ashamed and appalled to know that free phones and food stamps are more important than working hard to succeed as individuals. Instead, they want the nanny state, complete care from the goverment from cradle to grave. i wish there was somewhere else to go that supports the conservative views...alas there is not. America is dead..the republic is gone.. we must now live with the consequences of allowing this to happen... God bless you all

with that being said, i am selling i dont really have the time to manage it, make it better or quite frankly, care anymore.
im open to offers, if i dont receive any, i will close the site down once the four months of donations have expired, this should put the site closing down in february. thanks to all that helped, supported and donated to the site

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no thanks, i prefer to stay disease free..

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the fema camps line was a joke really.. i know the president is just a figure head, or puppet if you will, and the real problems lie in the senate and house.. my real gripe is that the house and senate have pushed this socialist dream and so far have found a way to implement parts of that.. i know romney and obama cant change that. i am tired of voting for the lesser of the two evils, i am voting for romney, just like i voted for mcain..i just want some new political blood... an honest politician..which i know is hard to find

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we lost america long before obama.. you could say it goes all the way back to fdr's new deal.. instead of letting the people run the government, fdr thought it was best to let the government run the people.. its getting worse with each election, the next president takes it a little further etc.. im not giving obama a pass, he is the worst president since jimmy carter as far as im concerned. its no longer about democrat vs republican, they are all the same wolf in sheeps clothing..
we need to replace every single career politician with folks that have never held office before.. these career politicians are only out to make more money for themselves at our expense. they bow to special interests, they let the voice of a few control the masses, we should be voting on new laws before congress passes them.. not read the laws to find out whats in them after no one reads them and passes them.. our government is a farce, they are crooks to the highest degree.