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20s maybe in some areas but look at places that have lost power (both electricity and in the political sense) long term in the world and you'll see that for every area that has a 50s stlye level of comfort there are 2 or 3 almost medieval areas. Libya, African coastal ares etc.

But Yur point about preppers is well taken - but remember that online bravado is not reality. Many of these "anti-establishment" types are on welfare of some kind now, they won't be as much of a problem later.

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But will a National Socialist party like you envision get enough votes? Oh, that's right - you're not a Nazi you're a "Patriot" (i.e Paulnut) you just look like a Nazi and goosestep like one.

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We are witnessing the begins of WW III against a new Ottoman empire.

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Goldberg claimed Nazism was Leftism - which it is, a version of Socialism. The theory that National Socialism is of the right was a Stalinist attack on Nazis that American and European lefties were happy to embrace. Read a abook before you claim you know what's in it.

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Why the hostility. How about this example. Following your logic only world travelers and military vets should be politicians. The idea that every American doesn't have the right to learn about any subject they want and opine on it is an anti-republican idea that elevates certain people in a society above others. We are an educated nation and we can judge whether or not any idea has merit.

I grew up in an inner city and have been shot at once, jumped a few times and had guns pulled on me three times. Does that men I should rudely tell you to keep your trap shut about urban crime, gangs etc? Or should I engage with you like a normal person with manners?

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How so? Did they not admit to hiring "entertainment" from an escort agency?

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Pundit status? Surely you're not claiming that pundits have any practical experience aside from punditry. I have a degree in Comparative Religion and a Masters but I still listen to and learn from people who don't have the credentials or the "experience" - the folklorest for example who is an amateur collector and has clearly never seen the subject of his studies. The idea that smart people can't be listened to unless they traveled the world is as elitist as demanding PhDs.

Courtney's studied these problems for years now and has been involved in "punditry" for longer than you've had this account. If you disagree with her fine but her ideas are not less deserving to be heard than yours.

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What moral counter-point is there to denying statehood to a group that is kidnapping and raping Christian minorities within their mini-state now? Are we saying inflicting them on a larger population would be moral? Would it strategically be beneficial to America and the West for an area that embraces Wahabbism and National Socialist tendencies (Mein Kampf continues to be a best seller and Hitler is held out as a hero by many Palestinian groups) to become more influential? Since Palestinians were imported into Iran to help that regime quell democracy protests isn't there a better political argument to not support the current Palestiaina authorities who are working against our goals of Democracy in the middle east?

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Yes, people who care about Caylee Anthony's death should be ashamed. People with opinions on cases should be ashamed. What a wonderful world it would be if we all never made a judgement. It is selfish of me to want justice for the dead. It's unselfish of you to demand the government censor the media because you don't like criminals being pointed at. You've got this all figured out.

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Well argued.