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I've only ever seen his posts on GTF (gayteenforum), but I know what you mean about "over the top and predatory". And if you disagree with him you're either too stupid to understand what he's saying or too stupid to be allowed to offer an opinion. That his problem, you see - he's right and everyone else is wrong, which is why he will never see his attraction to children as being anything other than entirely appropriate, and when he finally does rape a child, if he hasn't already, he will genuinely see nothing wrong with it - and anyone who says otherwise is persecuting him.

Which is precisely what he is claiming you guys are doing. The only reason I found this site is because he's linked to it on GTF in a thread entitled "Deranged cult after me by using my GTF posts". You agree with him and you're sane and rational. Disagree with him and you're stupid. Provide evidence that he's wrong and you're a "deranged cult". Hell, when he does rape a child he'll probably try and claim the child seduced him.

Thank you for assuring me I'm not the only one who sees what a sick and dangerous deviant he is.