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It's a good thing that she was taken out of the country before she could be charged with adultery...
Praying for her speedy physical recovery, though the emotional recovery will last a lifetime.

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this whole line of argument is mere propaganda intended to avoid confronting the reality of abortion.

I'm sorry... did I miss something here? I thought that the argument was to be more supportive of the women who chose not to abort? And to make them feel included, to help them to see that conservative values are in line with the values with which they would like to raise their children? Where did I get lost here?

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I haven't finished reading this piece (great job, btw)... I have to take a break after seeing those photos. Crying and nauseous is not a good feeling. It could be worse, though... my mother could have chosen to abort me, and I wouldn't be here to feel anything.

I used to be pro-choice all the way (except for late-term). You're right, though... having been pregnant twice forced me to change my views on the subject.

Thanks for writing this up... while I regret having clicked that link to the photos of those poor babies, people do need to see them. Those babies need to be acknowledged.

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Moore is a moron.

No, these are the faces of the home invaders that scares me the most.

Wait a minute... they're both white.

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There's a huge difference between treating privileges as privileges that must be earned and will be taken away on a moment's notice and calling your child "fatty" or stupid, or otherwise belittling them. Making your child a shut-in isn't healthy, either. Play dates are awesome, and interaction with other children is essential to social development, but play dates are a privilege that can be taken away when behavior warrants. TV is a privilege and is usually the first one taken away in my house for poor behavior.

Children don't ask to be born so much as accept an invitation. People shouldn't have children for there to be people in the world who "owe" them. Children are a gift. But part of our responsibility, when we send out the invitation for one of these gifts to come and live with us, is to be a responsible, strong, caring, and loving parent, and to raise them to be responsible, strong, caring, and loving adults.

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Speaking as a Witch, I have to say that this is pretty much the funniest thing I've read all day. Thank you, William, for the laughs. :) They're always appreciated.

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I have to apologize for the momentary lapse in maturity, but I have to ask... am I the only one who thinks she looks like she's playing "Tune In Tokyo" in that picture? o.O

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Is it that hard to figure out that you can be a good parent without letting your kids run amok or being a total bitch? Wow.

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the arguments offered were atheist arguments.
No. They're not. But if you want to call estratton an atheist, I suppose that's between you and them.

Anyway, I have a friend who needs me right now more than this discussion does. Let me know when you're actually ready to stop dancing around my comment re: pedophiles and evil, etc.

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Yes, pedophilia is evil. I'm not going to argue with you about whether or not homosexuality is evil, because that is your belief (though I'll never agree with you on that point). What you are pointedly ignoring is the fact that pedophiles are evil. Homosexuals are not evil. You still didn't answer my comment, and I'm pretty sure you didn't check out the link I provided. Seriously, can you read the information on that link and still refuse to admit that pedophiles are evil?

Also, the arguments made my estratton are not the same as those made by Atheists. The arguments made by Atheists tend to lean toward "your God is a figment of your imagination, so pretty much anything that is in your book is a fairy tale, as well." What estratton is pointing out is what is fairly obvious: Very few Catholics will go around refusing to eat shellfish (unless they simply don't like it or are allergic... I've even known some to eat shellfish during Lent since it falls under the category of "seafood"), not cutting their hair (unless they're hippies), and trading their womenfolk for goats.