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Ho? 'Ppreciate the commentary sir. Yet, there is a line to avoid crossing and i gotta say many times grrls cant help themselves - it's a fact sir = ovulating is very real. But that doesn't mean we wanna be mistreated or forced into anything. Some of my friends have had that happen to them and i am here to tell ya - it sticks with them FOREVER and not in a good way.

Jokes or 'cutting insight' is hurtfully unhelpful

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Actually, there are unverified sources who mention a 'pocket caliphate' tactical and strategic approach in play here. Fallujah may be a clue...

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McCain needs to stop, drop and roll - he was on fire!

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Great show - the audio of Chamberlain landing in Munchen was great. You could almost see it. Very cool. Thank You

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Any place to read her foreign policy articles or speeches? Specifically - EU3 and Iran, Security Council Reformation (like Japan). Who are her FP experts (besides Sandy Berger)?

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True market place for ideas. That was the attraction to me - echo chambers may be comfy for a while - yet they can leave you totally unprepped when a clever counter point is unveiled. Best to stay on top of all views - especially to craft and hone your own.

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Looking forward to getting the story.

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Stix, you are not alone. Essentially, it may turn out that the President's detractors - folks who cannot come to terms with a syntax manglin', regime changin' Texan, Christ worshipping hick are the end all be all of the Anti war groups. As realization dawns that W most likely will never run for anything again - they may not be defeatist.

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A peer of the realm?! I shall endeavour to wield these powers and priviledges in such a manner as befitting this august ensemble. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

sincerely, CoUrTnEy

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NoKo doesn't have a history of destabilizing neighboring nations (except for a bad deal for their patron Red China - if Taiwan, SoKo, Japan and the Philippines develop nukes.) Iran otoh, tends to destabilize the region, seeks a shi ite crescent from Persia to the Med. Currently, Iran cannot militarily produce such a sharia law loving preachers paradise. With nukes, the sitch changes dramitically. Don't forget - Iran has been diplomatically by dang near everyone except the US and to no avail. At least NoKo would settle down for a while and take the carrots.

NoKo = parasite - absorb sustenance and produce nothing. Iran gets no foreign aid in real dollars, and actively pursues hegenomy.

Thats one diff. There are more.