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I know the whole lack of support thing is gonna come back to bite me in the arse some day, but I <3 downloadables so much. Not only have the business models of online stores made fantastic indie games viable where they weren't before at retail (and so there's no real choice), I can go back and get games like Prince of Persia (2008) and Red Alert 3, both of which I missed at retail.

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I like good boss fights, but yeah, ones in JRPGs usually blow. They;re always immune to buffs and such, so you're pretty much just grinding them down for an hour.

Interestingly, although I love Uncharted 2, Lazaravich drove me up the Goddess-damned wall. In fact, though I finished the game on Hard and got all the way up to him on Crushing, I never had the heart to seriously attempt him on the latter. It took me like a week on Hard, and after playing him twice on Crushing I basically went, "Fuck this shit!" The guy can snipe you in the head with a shottie from half a kilometre away.

Not opposed to multiple forms, though. In fact, some of my fondest memories are the sick final bosses of Sonic 3 & Knuckles :D

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One day we're all going to see the headline, 'Square-Enix Localisation Team Revealed to be Hyper-Intelligent Monkeys on Acid'

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Would definitely like to see AC: Brottherhood on that list. The whole bloody album was an exercise in turning the crank on tension.

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The last game I got for Christmas or a birthday was Major'as Mask when I was 11. After that I was on my own, and hence began the games drought that lasted 'til I was old enough to hold down a job :P

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Don't forget Scott Pilgrim vs The World on XBLA and PSN, hitting next month!

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Ahh, I thought the article meant that the Xbox had been lifted while the PEOPLE were running. This is significantly less hilarious :(

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Sniper Extermination sounds sick!

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"World Governments and Teenage Girls Sue Nintendo and Robert Pattinson After Hospital Systems Collapse Worldwide"

I could see it :P

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I think calling this part of a conspiracy to move us to digital distribution is a touch paranoid.