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Awesome article and although Star Wars rawks, the game was repetative and short. :D You make it sound so great :) -not to be taken the wrong way-

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I believe that buying something like this could be great for the market of next gen development. As we all know, the use of camera and voice technology is growing at a huge rate and we should use and explore it as much as possible so that industries like Nintendo can elaborate and make amazing games and devices. As far as the market goes, any market will fluctuate. Its not really a matter of market here, it's a matter of development.

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Well. I beg to differ, I mean I'm not in the industry and I don't know how EVERYTHING works, but I am sure that the market will dramatically change as far as the DS lite goes. The market for amazing DS lite games is kind of getting low. If they produce a new system, people will convert to that and keep their old games and probably try to sell their DS lite esp if the DSi is backwards compatible. That's how it usually goes. I could be wrong tho :)

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Wow, that's a hardcore PS right there yvonna, great one ! <3

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Haha, great article. Beer and football, there's no substitute was a great line, except I dun like football XD BEER AND XGAMES THO!!! lol. Anyways, yah most hardcore gamers I know (with the exception of the girls on here) only own a wii cuz a majority of them play PC games :p interesting concept

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All I did was comment that I don't know anything about her and that I hope what I hear lives up to what I see. Has nothing to do with me and being new to writing in any source. No one would want a fraud and since I she hasn't earned anything on my good list YET I'm still intrigued. It's not my fault I haven't delved into her fandom.

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Double touch screen and a possible cam right? That would def be worth it

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Your opinion, would you call the DSi next gen handheld or just an upgrade of the old DS Lite? Nintendo is having conflicts on what to call it.

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It's gotta be annoying to have all this and then be publisher...uh -twiddles finger on lips and makes silly noises-