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I hope these additions will be added to the PC version.

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I got last year's edition because of the WMP capability. No way it could have seen any big improvements, but also a sign gamers revolting due to that "pay extra" crap with used sports games.

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I'll just just some free add-ons to the game, kind of like TF2 sees all the time. BUt most likely, sequel.

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Though you are right about Harmonix, it doesn't stop the fact the genre is overplayed, overplasticed, and overwith. I'm going to buy GH: Metallica when I find it clearanced, and then I'm done with GH and RB. It's the same crap over and over, and like the developer said, there is too much **** music mixed in now to warrant paying more than $10 for any installment in either franchise.

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I haven't gotten a bonus at work for 3 years. And it certainly wouldn't be the ridiculous amount they are being waved in front of them. Much like pro athletes complaining about millions left on the table, this story makes me want to buy Blur less so those people don't see overly insane bonuses.

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I see nothing wrong with the statement as he said it then, lol.

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I agree with the part about I hate how everything has to be politically correct now. Though I am still very interested in the game.

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Being three episodes, they all better be 500 points for me to consider it. I do want a good flyer on Wii though.

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Not suprising considering I listen to like 6 podcasts and no one wants either add on and the only thing that intrigues anyone is the "Minority Report" controls Kinect might feature, but not for $150.

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I think he's basically implying that the next console isn't coming for two to three years easy, which makes sense. You are looking at two years easy already. Even if they announed the next home console at E3 2011, it wouldn't be out until 2012 at the earliest. The question then becomes if 3DTVs can come down in price by then, which they should at least a little.