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You are 100% correct. It seems that this probably is just as much politically motivated as any other talk on game regulation of any sort. I think this is another case of issues that will hopefully disappear once a younger nation, that were raised with games, are leading this country.

Thanks for your input!

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You are 100% correct on that, but I am actually covering that version on, so I didn't want to list it here and have it be a conflict of interest with my other employer. Thanks for trying to help though! ;)

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By all means, Joey. Just be sure to cite our site with the image.

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This game is suddenly on my radar in a big way. After checking out the demo I am VERY interested in seeing if the experience can hold up.

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What about sports games? Those things are so damn complicated that they are impossible to play without them.

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It depends on if you are coming from the press or consumer side. Honestly, the best way to see the show is from the comfort of your home office and web browser. The problem is that this is the case with any other day of the week too. So no, I do not think it is necessary anymore.

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Reading comments like that make me sad. It is so good, even without multiplayer!

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As much as I would like to, I will not be getting the 3DS on launch. I need to be saving my income right now for bills :P

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That's easy. You just review a game for what features it does have, not what it is lacking!

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Touche, but that just means I like a wide variety of games and am more accepting... right?