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I'm not a fan.
It bothered me in EqG that they took Twilight and made her start swooning over some random guy with the whole "love at first sight" crap.
Twi is kind of this anti-stereotypical Princess, with her whole nerdishness lack of friends etc, and yet they still go for this stock standard "Oh, we need to have a love interest JUST BECAUSE and lets make sure that he's a popular jock-ish guitar player"
Maybe it would have stunk less if they had gone for something a bit left field, like a geek or something.
I dunno, just feels very out of place to me, like it seemed very un-Twi.
I understand that it's aimed at teenage girls, so I get why they put it in but to me that just feels very insulting, like they think so little of girls intelligence that they can just throw something like this at them and expect them to lap it up.
*sigh* Though to be fair they're kind of right.
I mean look at teenage boy bands, they're always the exact same thing, and teenage girls love it anyway.
Freaking rampant hormones and everything....god I want my daughter to never grow up D:

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Yeah, ever since 'Diamond Tiara Jameson' I cant help but love her.

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With a sin tally of 42 I was expecting the sentance to be life.

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Well d'uh, of course!
Because this is the coolest thing ever ;p

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I'd probably go with Cloudkicker based on fan content.
If it was limited simply to the show itself though....I really like the flower trio.
That whole "The horror!" thing was amusing as heck.

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Very impressive.
I love her hat, since that really is crucial for AJ, so it's great that the maker took the time to do such a good job on that
I think her muzzle needs to be fuller, it seems a bit pinched in the front on view.
Aside from that the rest of her body looks to be incredibly well proportioned.
Plus it's not like I can talk since I sure as hell could never make anything this good XD

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*snort* Can't help but feel Cadence was laying it on a bit thick there.
Prostrating herself on the ground before him and everything.
Taking the piss eh Princess? =p

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Rainbow Dash in that dress.
All this episode needed in order to win.

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Missed this.
Realised after getting home from work that the moon had changed from being almost completely dark to being only very slightly dark and said to my wife "Huh, we must have had a luna eclipse. Bugger."
Ah well, next time.

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Pinkies rap is the most incredible type of "terrible".
I loved it so much XD