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Oh I couldn't get them in trouble...I just didn't want to cause any trouble whatsoever. And I wasn't sure if I missed a "please let's not talk about this particular topic" thread since I've been off/on lately.

I'm basically feeling back to my pre-surgery level...which is still pretty crappy LOL. Keeping my fingers crossed that the surgery works though. Thanks for asking!

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Well shit, I realize now I just typed the f'ing company name above. But I guess it's pretty obvious what we're talking about it. It's all over the news.

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It is truly repulsive. I have not and will not watch the video (if it's available) but have read the description and that's enough.

This is from the BBC: Several GoDaddy users have said they will be moving their websites to new domains., a competing hosting service, is offering domain transfers for $4.99, along with a pledge to donate $1 to with each transfer.

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Yes. Has this been discussed? Are we going to discuss it or is there nothing to discuss or does it have to be kept on the down low?

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There's a scandal involving an internet company but I don't want to write the name bc someone on here works for them. But I want to write about it!!!

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? I don't want anyone to get in trouble though.

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This is so much fun!

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There used to be a way to go to grad school for free. It was called an assistantship. These days, they are few and far between but when I got my Master's I was lucky enough to get one and I went to school for FREE. So, there is one debt-free way to go.

Other than that, I agree whole-heartedly with this article.

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It's for occipital neuralgia which causes a constant headache 24/7. One of the requirements for my surgery was a constant headache for 6 months of more. I had mine for 17 months. My friend had hers for 8 years.

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Hey all, I am finally checking in. Recovery from my surgery has been very difficult. Some people wake up pain-free. That has NOT been my experience. I am having severe headaches as the nerves adjust to their new positions, I guess. (I had occipital nerve decompression surgery on March 16 for occipital neuralgia.)

I've basically had level 10 headaches for the past 10 days, like the worst days of my headaches before surgery. It's been pretty depressing and upsetting since the surgery was supposed to FIX that. Yesterday I got some relief to a level 6. They tell me this is normal, though and recovery can take 6 weeks to 3 months. UGH.

Just wanted to check in. I miss y'all.

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I love this post!