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I absolutely hope that other young people are influenced by Krystal's lifestyle. It's quite clear that in addition to working hard on saving herself from unnecessary expenses, she's also working on increasing her income. If she saves $1000 in a month and increases her income in that same month by $1,000 she's $2,000 ahead and has learned to set priorities. That is a win win. As a Debt & Insolvency Counselor, I see all kinds of people who are 2-3 times Krystal's age and still have no concept on setting priorities on spending or saving money.

If someone is going to decide to be her friend based on her spending patterns, they would not be much of a friend. I wouldn't be inclined to be friends with someone who was always 'mooching' off me but I sure would be with someone who was careful about their spending and willing to say what their limits are. Krystal, keep up the great work.

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Both Michael and his wife Gail have had an impact on me. Michael through his writings on leadership and how he approaches various situations. Gail through our interactions online. They are a great couple, I greatly admire their transparency and forthrightness about their lives and their faith.

As for his remarks about introversion, I absolutely get what he means. Probably because I tend to be the same. An introvert can 'learn' to act extroverted but we never truly become so. An extrovert is energized by being around people and would be driven nuts by being on their own for too long, people like Michael and I, need downtime in order to gain energy. A day, even two, around other people is manageable, the third day is overload for me. Others mileage my vary.

I appreciate seeing how someone like Michael with his busy schedule copes and balances between the demands of the schedule and his own needs. He sets a great example for people like him.

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Interesting discussion. While some women make a direct choice about leadership roles, I find many women don't even think about them simply because they don't see themselves as leaders or have very few models for them to see their own reflection. I'm in a leadership role in church and a non-profit organization. I find that in many cases when other leaders are being sought the first to be considered are usually men. It takes first pointing potential women leaders out and second convincing the prospect she's capable. There is still a tendency to put 'leader' and 'men' in the same sentence. Course I remember when I first accepted the leadership role in the non-profit some ten years ago, I inwardly panicked thinking I was absolutely insane to even consider that others would follow.

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You know, I was really tempted to simply delete your rather rude missive. The post wasn't about what I do or don't do to support our troops, you know that but took it as your opportunity to have your little rant while trying to put down my Christian beliefs. If I, and thousands of other Christians, choose to pray for the safety of our troops that's our right and is not for you to ridicule.

Course, you may have been having a really bad day and since you're probably too busy writing to the troops to do so, I'll pray you have a better day tomorrow.

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I'm not one of your typical readers. I do think that a big part of the 'charm' of your blog currently is that it is a blend of the various aspects of your life. Like most people, you are the sum total of various aspects. Your blog reflects how those aspects blend into the person you are.

I've gone through splitting one aspect of a blog off into another blog. I don't think it was a wrong move, but it does at times leave me feeling a bit like a split personality with a bit of a different 'voice' on each blog. Being fully integrated has its benefits. Those who prefer to see the split, could be more selective in what they read. Just a thought.

As for post length, numbers can be deceptive. A really interesting 800 word post is just a nice warm up. A boring 800 word post is 799 words too many.

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Bryan: I learned from an earlier life experience if as a patient I don't demand care from my doctor, it wont always come. My doctor has the most complete picture of my current medical condition by virtue of the record sitting in front of her. She knew, because I told her in no uncertain terms, if I wasn't convinced of the need for the medication and didn't also have my questions answered on possible side effects and interactions she might has well not waste her time writing the script, it wouldn't be filled.

Doctors are the primary care people, pharmacists having the knowledge and expertise to provide secondary oversight on a doctor's choices of medication has an important value and without doubt has likely saved lives. To me it is absolutely silly and costly in many ways for a doctor to be able to get away with not making careful choices about what they prescribe because they can ride on lack of time.

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Bryan, I'm sure from your perspective you feel on the frontline at times. However I don't know of anyone in my circle of acquaintances who would call a pharmacist before their doctor or the emergency room. They would discuss a medication with a pharmacist or if an over the counter would be appropriate if they were in the pharmacy but to turn to the pharmacist first, wouldn't happen.

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Hi Susan.. good to hear from you. No, I didn't remember Grandma drinking tea but then I'm getting old ya know <grin>.

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The Parole Board of Canada

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excellent article Lisa. Love the tips on using tea for easing children's illnesses. You'd think you were a doc or something eh? :)