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Hi Debbie,

I know Mama Clown, one of the best face painting teachers around, is at the Circus Magic Convention this year. You may want to check out http://circusmagicconvention.com for more information.

And of course you will want to keep checking this site as we will be posting lots of articles and tips on the topics you mention. In fact, we have a face painting tip coming up this week :)

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Hey, really enjoyed your video. Just started using MAMP on my local machine for my latest project. Here's a question. When you are transferring a site from another blogging platform, do you also transfer the old posts offline as well?

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Great series, between you and Michael Hyatt I'm about sold on Intense Debate.

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Intense debate looks great. Just wanted to use this opportunity to say thanks for all the great info you share. It has helped me a bunch.