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Honestly, at the time I didn't really want to review my own character. My vision was clouded by my husband's negative character traits and the dark cloud which hovered over our lives. When I was finally forced (God had my number) to see my own lack of depth, lack of commitment, selfishness, insecurity, unkindness (the list is much longer), it was a terrible revelation, yet a wonderfully freeing time. We had to work together as a team for several years, rebuilding trust and love and fun and friendship into our relationship. We set appropriate boundaries, stopped listening to negative outside influences, vowed to give and receive grace as much as humanly possible. I still remember the day I realized the cloud had lifted.

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I am making my lists right now. I believe the lists will also help me discern whether or not to make a move in a few potentially "over-commitments" I've got going on right now too. About 10 yrs ago when my marriage was on the brink of implosion, God gave me similar insight - during difficult days I would list the reasons I married my husband. I would remember the day I knew I loved him. I would list all his positive traits (surprisingly, these way out-weighed the negative). I remember being convicted spiritually about the impact my words and decisions would have on future generations. I was also convicted about being a person of integrity - if I made a promise/covenant to be married to my husband for life, my word had to mean something. If we had given up 10 years ago, we would have missed out on some incredible years together and now a new "career" in ministry, leading short-term missions teams in evangelism & church planting. I'm now thankful for our trials because eventually our commitment to God and each other was renewed, restored, and made stronger than ever.

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Thanks for the link. Now I get it. Many blessings to you and your talented team. I'm sure your album will be wonderful!

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So they really respond to Hillsong stuff - I love their words, intensity, passion and fresh sound. I've finally been able to transition our church to more Hillsongs than ever before. We just didn't have the singers or musicians to pull it off before and when we did try, the congregation would just look at us like we were aliens. But we've had some great breakthroughs in worship and we're finally there. At least I hope and pray we are!

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That's a lot of songs! Sounds like a great day - which of the songs would you say is a congregation-favorite?

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Jeffrey, I'm still shivering from your professor's quote "sin opens up a doorway shimmering with chaos." That is incredibly powerful imagery. I attended a memorial service yesterday for a 16 yr old young man who died of an accidental drug overdose on Monday night. His family is devastated. The church was filled with teens who most likely have done their share of flirting with the dark side. I don't believe the boy had ever been to church before and mostly likely had never professed any kind of personal faith in Christ. It's a double tragedy, really, a wasted life and then quite possibly an eternity apart from God.

Sin is shimmering and enticing and deceitfully delightful...chaos appears bright, exhilarating and attractive, but it is a trap, a death sentence, whether physical or spiritual or both.

Very timely post. Thank you.

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Fred, I'm glad I wasn't the only one with awkward transitions today. We had a dead vocal mic for a spoken transition - mic cable went bad sometime during the previous song. Unbelievable. Lots of people moving around on stage, choir mics in the way. AAAAGGGGHHH. But somehow, it all worked. We truly had a great worship time.

I totally agree with you on the volume deal. When they can feel the music, it becomes more contagious. I'm not talking about heart-wrenching sub-woofers and gut-busting vocals and screaming guitars. A great mix with good separation and under-control monitor levels should be cranked.

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We recently started using a 5-minute countdown which I start at 9:57am for a 10:02 start time. We have this great covered patio outside the church with coffee and donuts and music playing and people love hanging out and tend to walk in just a little late. So, we start a little late!

Sounds like you do lots of Hillsong material - very cool. When I started at my church 3 yrs ago, they only knew a couple of the older Hillsong tunes. It's been a challenge to bring the team and the church into the present Century, but worth it. Now they love so many Hillsong tunes among other great worship tunes. It's so easy to get stuck in your favorite decade of music, feels so warm and familiar like your favorite college sweatshirt!

Happy Day is an all-around favorite of ours - intro'd it last Easter. So fun!

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I just noticed that the comment I sent from my iPhone DID get posted. I wasn't sure if it ever would (wasn't very clear on my end at all). Right after I sent it this morning, I checked the comment section via my computer and the comment sent from my phone wasn't there. I then proceeded to leave a comment, trying to word it similar to my first one. I think I came pretty close, but it would be fine with me if you deleted one or the other. Thanks! Marina (@berryman)

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Lorraine, as I've entered into the social networking world more fully and intentionally, I've noticed that my circle of friendly acquaintances has increased by at least 200%, maybe more. And of that increase, several people have actually moved from acquaintance to friend. Maybe not best friend, but definitely someone to have coffee with, share a laugh over a DM, a trusted source of solid re-tweets...I've found that with my more reserved personality, it has really helped to get the awkward, "do I hug you or shake your hand and how will I remember your name" phase of meeting someone behind me quicker or has removed it entirely. I love walking into a meeting or even a conference and having someone greet me by my twitter or blog name - it's like there's this instant moment of camaraderie and we can move more quickly into the next step of relationship.