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Yeah, CNC rules the day. Engineers certainly design to CNC capabilties. I hated to see this one go cause it looked great. Might have been worth a retrofit for something special. I was running CNC in the late '70s for about 4 years, now I am retired and just took delivery of a small CNC mill for my garage shop a couple of weeks ago. Still trying to get my head wrapped around the programming again. It seems pretty capable so far, with the exception of missing a tool changer. And yes, it is Chinese. Maybe it's made out of old Monarchs or Hardinges or the SIP I saw. I bet that big dam they built over there is full of 'em.

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Saw a beautiful Swiss built (SIP) precision jig boring machine a few months ago going at scrap metal price. It is probably melted and recast into yard trinkets now. In China.

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How many million more democrats will we get with this? A couple million more would be a huge gain in freeloader constitutency.

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Putin, much smarter than Obama, already knows that the West will not interfere in Syria. He can easily make such a statement if he has information that Iran or Syria will not be attacked. Mullah/Russians win, Obama led NATO, losers.

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I agree. It does not fit the genre of this site anyway.

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Everyone is under surveillance. Get used to it. If NYPD opens your mail or taps your phone, then maybe you have a problem. Till then, shut up, say your prayers, pay your zakat, save for your pilgrimage, and fast when your imam says it's time.

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Cough up the cash dhimmiis, then you can have the infidel pigs back, maybe.

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I thought what you wrote was understandable. I don't see where people have trouble on the meaning of your words.
You were just saying that MSNBC is now completely composed of commie bastard ideologues, only with fewer and nicer words.

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Don't you like it when commies fail? I hope the string of Obama failures continues

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Don't forget to count those "Disposal fees". Obama's budget needs the cash to jet Moochelle around.